If you are going to drive to Norway, you will need to know precisely from home about the tolling system and how they have implemented the Norway vignette.

In Norway, anyone who drives on the roads has to pay, and the charges are in the form of tolls depending on the sections of road you drive on.

Important for carriers is that they have the obligation to have the on-board equipment installed in the car.

You will find out everything you need to know about paying the Norway vignette and paying road tolls in Norway in this article.

Vignette Norway 2024

Norway vignette tax system for all vehicles

In Norway, all road users are required to pay the taxes related to the Norway vignette. Regardless of whether you are a tourist or not, Norway requires tolls.

There are more than 190 toll check stations in Norway (vignette Norway).

So make sure you pay on time.

Pay Norway vignette online

A considerable advantage of the Norwegians is that you can register your car before you set off for home.

You can do this extremely easily by visiting this site.

Indicative prices can be found in this table:

Mandatory equipment on board carriers

A very important thing for transporters to know is that Norway requires vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tonnes to be equipped with the special on-board equipment.

This equipment offers you the convenience of passing by the toll stations more easily, by simply scanning the cameras, but also of considerable discounts.

Bridge and tunnel tolls Norway

In addition to the tolls related to the Norway vignette, you will also have to pay the tolls for the bridges and tunnels you will pass through. Their payment can be made at the toll stations at each start of the road.

For indicative prices, see the following table:

Ferryboat fees Norway

Another fee requested by the Norwegians will be if you have to use the ferryboat, whose indicative prices you can find below:

Fine for non-payment of vignette Norway

You have to be very careful when paying tolls, because there are many check rooms and many checks by the authorities. A fine can exceed 800 euros. For carriers that do not have the on-board equipment installed, the fine can be doubled.

Vignette Norway 2024

Our road toll payment solutions

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