Turkey is often a destination chosen by Romanians for a well-deserved beach holiday. At the same time, there are also many carriers that carry out transport in Turkey. Regardless of which category you belong to, you need to know how the Turkey vignette works and what you need to do to avoid fines.

Vignette Turkey is a tolling system for highways in Turkey that was introduced in 2013. The system works by purchasing an electronic label, known as a Turkey vignette, which must be affixed to the vehicle’s windshield and is valid for a specified period of time (usually a week, a month or a year).

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about Turkey vignette and Turkey road taxes.

Vignette Turkey 2024

HGS system highway toll Turkey

In Turkey, the Turkey vignette toll on motorways is paid via an HGS sticker or toll transponder. The sticker is applied to the windshield, behind the rearview mirror, 5-10 cm from the upper edge of the windshield. When entering or exiting the highway, it is necessary to reduce the speed to 30 km/h so that the system can read the chip in the sticker and the car’s registration number.

The HGS sticker for paying traffic tax on Turkish highways can be purchased at post office (PTT) counters, Shell stations, special counters at the entrance or on the highway, and at certain bank offices.

The cost of the sticker varies between 5 and 15 pounds, depending on the transmissible or non-transmissible version. When buying, you will need to present your passport and car registration number and fill in a form with your name, passport number and car number.

The minimum load amount is 30 pounds. Payment is usually made in cash only. Along with the HGS sticker, you will receive a cardboard slip that will be used to top it up.

How much is Turkey vignette?

You can pay the Turkey vignette no later than 11 days after driving the highway.

Turkey road taxes differ depending on the category of vehicle you own, classified in the Turkish system as follows:

Vehicles with two axles with the space between the axles less than 3.20 m: cars, motorcycles; vans, vans and minibuses that have a wheelbase of less than 3.20 m
Any 2-axle vehicle with a wheelbase greater than 3.20m: vans, pick-up jeeps, ambulances and hearses, minibuses, buses and trucks
Any vehicle with 3 axles: Buses, trucks, trailers; classes 1 and 2 with an extra axle
category 4Any vehicle with 4 and 5 axles: Buses, trucks and trailers; class 1 with 2 extra axles, class 2 with 2 extra axles
Vehicles with 6 or more axles

The indicative prices are as follows:

You can always access the updated costs for the Turkey vignette here, on the official website of the transport operator.

!Careful! Payments are made in Turkish Lira or Euro!

Fine for non-payment of vignette Turkey

Driving a vehicle on Turkish highways without a vignette is illegal and can result in severe fines. There are also vignette control mechanisms, including electronic vignette readers at motorway barriers and police checks.

When entering the highway, you will have to drive at most 30 km/h so that electronic readers can read your vignette chip and vehicle number.

The fine can reach up to 11 times the original amount that had to be paid.

Turkey tolls for Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Important to know is that at the Bosphorus Strait between Asia and Europe, you will have to pay the Turkey road tax for crossing the Bosphorus Bridge or the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Indicative prices depending on the vehicle category are:

  • Category 1: 4.25 TRY
  • Category 2: 5.5 TRY
  • Category 3: 10.25 TRY
  • Category 4: 26 TRY
  • Category 5: TRY 32.25

The bridge toll (for both bridges) across the Bosphorus Strait is payable only for the Europe-Asia direction. For the Asia-Europe route, the passage is free.

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