If you are going to travel to Poland, you need to set off informed so that you can efficiently calculate all the costs of your next trip. In this regard, find out everything you need to know about the Poland vignette system in 2024.

A first important point is that in Poland, you don’t have to purchase a Poland vignette for all roads, but there is a certain tolling system for vehicles under 3.5 tons and another for trucks over 3.5 tons.

In this article, we will present you with everything you need to know about the Poland vignette and Poland road taxes so that you can set off on an informed journey.

If you want to calculate your road tax expenses for the rest of the countries you are going to transit, on our blog you can find information for all the countries in Europe.

Vignette Poland 2024

Road taxes Poland for vehicles under 3.5 tons

Vehicles under 3.5 tons do not require a Poland vignette. On the other hand, if you own such a vehicle, you will have to pay the Poland motorway toll on certain road segments.

The road segments for which you have to pay toll in Poland are found on the A1, A2 and A4 motorways.

HighwayMotorcycle TaxesAutomobile Taxes under 3.5 tons
A1: Rusocin (Gdańsk) – Nowa Wieś (Toruń)29,90 PLN29,90 PLN
A2: Świecko (DE/PL) – Konin87,00 PLN87,00 PLN
A2: Konin – Stryków (Łódź)5,00 PLN9,90 PLN
A4: Mysłowice (Katowice) – Balice (Kraków)12,00 PLN24,00 PLN
A4: Bielany Wrocławskie (Wrocław) – Sośnica (Gliwice)8,10 PLN16,20 PLN
Highway tax Poland

The payment of these highway taxes is made at the payment points on the highway, and we explain this to you in the rest of the article.

How to pay motorway toll Poland

To pay the Poland motorway toll, there are two systems implemented by the Polish authorities, namely the closed system and the open system.

Closed motorway toll system

The closed payment system is designed with two toll stations: one at the entrance to the highway, where you are issued a ticket, and the second station is at the exit of the road segment, where you will have to pay according to vehicle category and kilometers traveled.

Open motorway toll system

For the open motorway toll payment system in Poland there is only one toll station at the beginning of the motorway segment where you pay in advance.

In both cases, payment can be made by:

  • cash – either in Euro, USD or PLN
  • credit card;
  • fuel card;

How much is the motorway toll in Poland?

In order to set off on the road informed, you can calculate before starting the road what are the expenses related to the road tax in Poland.

Depending on the highway, you can access the calculator, with all the information on prices and vehicle category:

Road taxes Poland for vehicles over 3.5 tons

Vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of more than 3.5 tons must pay the Poland vignette in the form of road taxes with a higher coverage than in the case of vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of less than 3.5 tons.

Here are the categories of vehicles that fall under:

Vignette Poland 2024

Toll machine Poland – eTOLL and other payment alternatives

For vehicles over 3.5 tons, there are 3 ways to pay road tax in Poland.

  • Connection option via the on-board unit – eTOLL

To be able to use the e-TOLL system in Poland, an on-board unit (OBU) approved by the Polish toll authorities is required. This is the recommended solution as it involves the lowest costs for transport companies. An important advantage of this solution is that it does not require a mobile phone, thus avoiding the possibility of drivers forgetting to charge it or accidentally turning it off, thus avoiding fines or errors.

This is the most practical solution for carriers. If you want to find out how you can very easily get an eTOLL road device, contact a CargoTrack specialist now.

  • The option to log in via the mobile app

There is also the possibility to use a free mobile application, available for both Android and iOS devices, to connect to the e-TOLL system and pay road tax in Poland. However, this solution has some drawbacks. Its use involves maintaining a constant connection to the e-TOLL system, which leads to high battery and mobile data consumption. If the signal is interrupted, there is a risk that drivers will receive fines from the Polish tax authority for not paying the road tax in Poland.

  • The option to connect via an accredited external location system

Another option is to connect vehicles to e-TOLL through an external tracking device (ELS) that is installed in them. To use this solution, you need to purchase and install such a device from a specialized third-party company, which usually charges a subscription fee for the services provided.

Here you can find complete information about the eTOLL system in Poland.

Vignette Poland 2024

I was caught without a Poland vignette, what do I do?

Unfortunately, you will have to pay the fine. If you have not paid the road taxes related to your vehicle, you will have to pay the fine issued by the Polish authorities.

The fine can vary from 250 PLN to 1500 PLN (~ 1650 RON). So, we suggest you pay the tolls!

Our solution for paying road tax in Poland

Do you need an eTOLL toll machine? We help you get it quickly and at low cost! Contact a CargoTrack consultant now!

Do you want to read even more information about the eTOLL system? Come in here.

We give you all the information you need to travel through Europe without the risk of fines. On our website you can find step-by-step details on how to pay vignettes and road taxes throughout Europe!

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