A fleet GPS monitoring system is indispensable nowadays for transporters, as it helps to manage vehicles efficiently and economically. GET DOWN

There are a number of options on the market when it comes to a fleet GPS monitoring system, but the most important thing is to be able to choose the right one for your company’s needs.

A high-performance GPS device can save you significant time and money in the long run, and this is due to the features it comes with and the digital modules that the supplier can offer you.

In this article, we present to you 6 main advantages of a car park GPS monitoring system.

Car park GPS monitoring

1. Real-time monitoring of the car park

One of the biggest advantages of a top GPS system is the ability to track the location and status of your vehicles in real time.

Whether you have a fleet of trucks, vans or cars, you’ll always know where each vehicle is and what stage each race is in.

This will help you plan better, streamline race management and save significant time.

2. You save fuel

A quality fleet GPS monitoring system will provide detailed information on each vehicle’s fuel consumption.

This information we know is invaluable when it comes to reducing operational costs. You can identify drivers or vehicles that use more fuel than they should, and this helps you take corrective action, optimize routes and save money.

In this sense, you have access to detailed consumption reports, to information on the driver’s driving behavior, such as sudden braking or aggressive acceleration.

There is also the option of installing a liter gauge, which constantly shows you the fuel level in the tank, but also informs you via phone alerts when the fuel level drops suddenly.

3. The right accessories and equipment

To get the most out of a GPS system, quality accessories are essential.

It’s important to identify your exact needs and choose the most suitable GPS equipment for you, along with the accessories and functionality to enhance your business.

CargoTrack equipment comes with the latest technology and high performance to make the most of the best services.

CargoTrack offers you a wide range of equipment and accessories, from temperature and fuel sensors to video cameras for visual vehicle monitoring. These accessories allow you to customize the GPS system according to the specific needs of your fleet.

4. Efficient management of race scheduling and resources

The most important thing in transportation is time. It is essential to plan your every trip as efficiently as possible and promptly organize drivers and vehicles to reach the top of the transport market.

Transport management platforms are essential here, because they encompass all the daily tasks in one software, and the speed of organization is essentially improved.

CargoTrack offers a complete scheduling and resource management solution. The eTMS platform allows you to plan routes, optimize tasks and allocate vehicles according to the requirements of each mission. This way, you can reduce downtime and improve resource utilization, increasing profitability.

5. Monitoring of transport conditions

For carriers handling cargo sensitive to temperature or other specific conditions, CargoTrack offers solutions for constant monitoring of these conditions. For example, you can monitor the temperature of the load and receive alerts in case of unwanted fluctuations. This is essential in industries such as the transport of perishable goods or pharmaceuticals.

6. Advanced reporting and data analytics

For a transport company, data analysis should be at the top of its priorities to be able to make the most of all the resources at its disposal.

When choosing a fleet GPS monitoring service it is important to consider the quality and quantity of data that the GPS equipment can provide you, in relation to your need and desire for development.

CargoTrack offers advanced reporting functionality that enables the generation of detailed reports on vehicle and driver performance. These data analyzes are essential for making informed decisions, improving operations and increasing efficiency.

Premium fleet GPS monitoring – the CargoTrack solution

Investing in a premium GPS system can bring many benefits to carriers. From efficiently managing schedules and resources to protecting against theft and monitoring transportation conditions, these solutions contribute to efficiency and cost-effectiveness in fleet management.

We offer you complete premium GPS monitoring services to enjoy maximum efficiency and productivity in the organization and management of your company.

In addition, you get free installation anywhere in Europe, because we know how important every little aspect of a complete service is.

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