If you want to put Albania on your list of countries to visit, or if it is a destination for making transports, you need to know something about the road tax payment system implemented, namely the Albania vignette.

Albania is a country that does not demand much from road tolls Albania and therefore, the price for the Albania vignette is a small one and applied only for a distance of 130km from the highway.

Albanians were against the introduction of the vignette, but the government stood their ground and introduced relatively low tolls and discounts for frequent highway travelers in Albania.

Thus, regardless of whether you drive your own car or heavy transport vehicle, you will have to pay Albania vignette, about which we will tell you everything you need to know in this article.

Vignette Albania 2024

Who needs Albania vignette?

Vigneta is a road traffic charging system that was introduced in Albania in 2005. Its purpose is to cover the costs associated with the maintenance and improvement of the country’s roads.

Therefore, all drivers driving on the A1 highway in Albania are required to purchase the Albania vignette before starting their journey.

The Albanian system is not demanding, and the related prices for the Albania road tax are relatively low, and the purchase of the vignette is quick.

You can also choose other route options where you won’t have to pay anything at all, which is extremely advantageous.

Where can you purchase Albania vignette?

The vignette can be bought at authorized points of sale, such as petrol stations and post offices, and can be purchased for a period of one day, one week, one month or one year.

Also, on the 129km of highway there is only one toll station located 30km from the border with Kosovo. So if you don’t manage to buy the Albania vignette in time, you can also do it on the highway to make sure you avoid fines.

How much is Albania vignette?

The price of the vignette depends on the type of vehicle and the period for which it is purchased.

Careful! Payment is made in euros!

Some drivers criticized the vignette system because they felt it was too expensive and because they had not seen significant improvements in the quality of Albania’s roads. However, the Albanian government has argued that the vignette is necessary to secure funds for the maintenance and improvement of the country’s roads.

Therefore, the indicative prices for the Albania vignette can be found in the following table:

Vehicle ClassVehicle typeTax value in Euros
AMotorcycles, scooters and three-wheelers2.5
B C DPassenger vehicles (2 axles – 4 wheels) Light commercial vehicles and minibuses (2 axles – 4 wheels) up to 1.90 m in height Minibuses and cars pulling trailers (2 axles – 4 wheels)5
E FBuses (2 axles – 6 wheels) Small commercial vehicles (2 axles – 6 wheels) with a height of 1.90 m and 2.70 m11.25
GMedium trucks and heavy buses (3 axles), including commercial vehicles over 2.70 m high16.25
HHeavy truck (4 axles and more)22.5

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