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GPS Tracking Packages

With the solutions offered by CargoTrack it is easier than ever to be in control and monitor the activity of your car fleet in real time!

CargoTrack Standard - Modul Combustibil
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Basic GPS monitoring

  • Vehicle GPS monitoring - motor vehicles
  • GPS monitoring of trailers - semi-trailers - containers

Standard GPS monitoring

(Basic included)
  • Read CAN data
  • Fuel probe
  • EcoDrive mode – The solution to reduce fuel consumption
  • Fuel mode
  • Routes and tasks mode
  • Events mode
  • Reports mode
  • Reading mode - downloading tachograph data

Premium GPS monitoring

(Basic + Standard included)
  • Analysis of tachograph activity times
  • Drivers and communication mode

Basic GPS Monitoring

Vehicle GPS monitoring - motor vehicles

Lack of an overview of how effectively a fleet is operating can be a hindrance to your business.

GPS monitoring of trailers - semi-trailers - containers

With the help of CargoTrack devices, you can monitor the cargo even when the trailer or semi-trailer is uncoupled from the tractor head.


Standard GPS Monitoring

Read CAN data

GPS monitoring systems together with the CargoTrack platform allow you to monitor the data from the car's on-board computer in real time.

Fuel probe

The CargoTrack solution guarantees an accuracy of 99% in the case of fuel monitoring with the help of the literometer probe. Digital sensors…

EcoDrive mode

With the EcoDrive module you can reduce fuel consumption by monitoring the behavior of drivers behind the wheel and...

Fuel mode

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses of a fleet, automatically check the fuel level and actual consumption.

Routes and tasks mode

It identifies, based on the number of loads, vehicle type and race-specific conditions, the most cost-effective route and keeps operating costs low.

Events mode

To constantly supervise the activity of an entire car fleet requires a lot of time and a lot of attention, which many times you may not have. Through…

Reports mode

The reports module is designed to make your life easier! Extract the information that helps you optimize your fleet's activity. The module is flexible, which…

Tachograph read-download mode

The use of the electronic tachograph is legally required. The data extracted from the tachograph is used both by administrators for...


Premium GPS Monitoring

Analysis of tachograph activity times

The digital tachograph is the device that records all the information about a journey. The data stored here must be downloaded for...

Drivers and communication mode

Through the module dedicated to communication with drivers, new orders can be assigned, changes made to ongoing races can be communicated or...


Personalized solutions


If you want to know how the goods are arranged, Photo Track allows you to check the load in the trailer by means of the photos sent in the application, or...

Vehicle immobilization

The additional security method that allows the engine of a vehicle to be immobilized directly from the platform once it has been stopped. The vehicle can only be restarted with…

Panic button - alarm

The panic button installed in the passenger compartment offers the ideal solution for a wide range of unpleasant situations, where your driver cannot communicate through traditional methods.

Driver alert

By installing a sound alert system in the cabin, you can send sound signals to your driver when he does not respond to other methods...

Driver identification

To be able to evaluate the performance level of your drivers, to detect fuel losses or even theft, install…

Door sensor

The safety of vehicles and transported goods is an important factor for your business. Using the door sensor, CargoTrack gives you the advantage of…

Custom reports

Configure your fleet reports according to your needs! Choose the solution from CargoTrack and customize your reports according to the information you…

Archive documents

CargoTrack offers you the possibility to keep all the documents you need in a digital archive. When managing a fleet, you need…

Temperature monitoring in the cargo compartment

Always be in control of the temperature in the refrigerated containers. Maintaining the temperature and ensuring the correct operation of refrigeration systems is…

HR Management Application (TachoTrack)

Intended for people who manage fleets of vehicles that carry out complex operations, the HR management application solution provides you with a…

GPS tracking packages

The lack of an overview of the level of effectiveness of the operation of a car fleet can be an impediment for a fleet manager.

With the solutions offered by CargoTrack it is easier than ever to be in control and monitor the activity of your car fleet in real time through the web platform or mobile application.

Our GPS tracking solutions are customizable, so we can easily adapt to your business needs.

How does it work?

You start by entering the essential data of each vehicle (registration number, vehicle type and driver's name).

The application is fully configured according to the specific needs of your business and in relation to the modules you choose to activate (basic, standard, premium or customized GPS monitoring packages).

Now, you can generate reports at any time and monitor certain vehicle parameters (fuel consumption, speed, driver behavior and other customizable modules); all of which remain in the CargoTrack archive for at least 12 months.

Bucură-te de siguranță și control cu aplicația CargoTrack, noi îți suntem alături la fiecare pas!

Cargotrack app

CargoTrack Platform - efficiency and speed

Apart from the aspect of continuous monitoring of the vehicle, the CargoTrack platform offers a wide range of options through which you can optimize the activity of the fleet.

For example, the driving style of drivers can be monitored, deviations from the route can be seen, who is using the vehicle and when, and you can even immobilize the vehicle if necessary. You have access to all this information from a computer or directly from your phone.

The monitoring solution was specially designed both for companies with large fleets and for those with fewer vehicles. It can be implemented on trucks, vans, cars, agricultural and construction machinery, buses, etc.


Route planning and getting a quote

Plan routes ahead of time and streamline the entire process by saving time and money.

Entry of orders and allocation to vehicles

Manage all orders in one place and automatically assign a vehicle.

Order centralizer and archive

Centralize all orders and archive information to organize it.

Add race waypoints

Add each waypoint of each driver's journey and plan their route more efficiently.

SMS sending of routes to drivers

It easily and quickly informs drivers about the most optimal route to take.

Importing documents on each order

Manage all the imported documents needed for each order made much more easily.
Choose the right package for you

Choose from our GPS tracking packages and let us help you take your business to the next level!

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