Whether you are going to have a dream vacation to the Golden Sands or just transit this country, you should know that you will need a vignette for the roads in Bulgaria.

Fortunately for us, since 2019 the Bulgarians have launched electronic vignettes that can be bought online and do not need to be stuck on the windshield, as in the case of other countries such as Austria

In case you are a transporter, if you didn’t know, as of March 1, 2020, Bulgaria launched a new electronic distance tolling system – Toll System, which covers over 3,114 km of the Bulgarian road network and over 803 km of highway.

The system is similar to the one in Hungary, where you have the possibility to pay road taxes in Bulgaria more efficiently through an electronic payment device.

How do I check if I need a vignette for Bulgaria?

Regardless of whether you drive on the Bulgarian motorways or on public roads, it is recommended for your peace of mind and your pocket to purchase a vignette whether you do it online or physically at the points of sale (petrol stations, self-service terminals, points of sale with the BGTOLL logo) .

For the Bulgaria vignette you can choose from the 5 options, namely: Bulgaria vignette for 1 week, Bulgaria vignette for 1 month, Bulgaria vignette for 3 months, Bulgaria vignette for 1 year and a new option, Bulgaria vignette for 1 weekend (valid from Friday 12:00 a.m. to Sunday 11:59 p.m.).

Attention for motorcycles no vignette is paid!

In the case of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (trucks and buses) the system is slightly different. Tickets for pre-defined routes can be purchased in advance or routes can be purchased automatically through a toll payment device.

Vehicle categories for Bulgaria vignette

Payment for the Bulgaria vignette depends on the category of vehicle you own, so pay attention to this aspect.

  • Vehicles up to 3.5 T
  • Trailer up to 3.5 T
  • Trucks, caravans with technically permissible maximum total mass < 12 T
  • Trucks, caravans with technically permissible maximum total mass ≥ 12 T
  • Buses with technically permissible maximum total mass < 12 T
  • Buses with technically permissible maximum total mass ≥ 12 T

Where can I physically buy the vignette for Bulgaria?

Although the most recommended option is to purchase the vignette online (e-vignette), you can also opt to purchase it physically from the various points of sale, such as:

  • gas stations;
  • Terminals/automatic machines with self-service;
  • Points of sale with the BGTOLL logo;

Make sure you have cash in leva (BGN) when opting for this option, you may encounter situations where some gas stations or BGTOLL points of sale do not have card payment systems (POS).

Payment for vignettes in Bulgaria is made in their official currency, namely the Bulgarian leva.

Can I buy the vignette for Bulgaria online?

Yes, being the most recommended option!

The fastest and safest way to purchase a vignette in Bulgaria is to use the official web.bgtoll.bg platform.

Whether you want to purchase the vignette for a car, truck or even bus, you can use the same platform.

Another option through which you can successfully purchase the vignette for Bulgaria is this platform.

If you have decided to use the online option to buy the Bulgaria vignette using the BGTOLL platform (which also has a version in Romanian), you only have 6 steps to take until you get the vignette:

  1. You select the “electronic car vignette” option;
  2. Select the validity period (a weekend, a week, 1.3 months, 1 year);
  3. You choose the date/day from which you want the vignette to be valid;
  4. Enter the car data: country of registration and registration number;
  5. You enter your e-mail address to receive the payment confirmation and the vignette;
  6. You select the type of card and pay (attention, the payment will be made in leva).

If you choose to pay by card, you will see that you can choose only the options in the “Payment method” field:

  • Secure Visa;
  • Mastercard ID check;
  • BCARD;
  • UTA;

Our recommendation is to check on the back/front of the card what type of payment processor you are using.

P.S. 90% of cards are Visa Secure or Mastercard ID Check, you will most likely choose 1 of the 2 options.

Pay close attention to the lei – leva (BGN) payment rate.

Always check what the currency is valued at at the time of purchase by the bank so there are no surprises later. (there can be big exchange rate differences and so you pay more than it normally costs).

For online payments, make sure you have activated the online card payment option.

How much is the vignette for Bulgaria in 2024?

The cost of a vignette in Bulgaria may differ depending on the period you choose to purchase (for cars) or depending on the route, vehicle type (truck/bus), emission class, number of axles and other details if you are traveling on the roads of Bulgaria with heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tons).

Validity of Bulgaria vignette for cars.

Vignette validity BulgariaPrice in leva / lei approx.
1 weekend9 leva / 25lei
1 week13 leva / 30 lei
1 month27 leva / 75 lei
3 months48 leva / 135 lei
1 year87 leva / 244 lei

If you have purchased and want to check the validity of the vignette, you can do so by clicking here.

Vignette Bulgaria vehicles over 3.5 tons (trucks / buses)

If you are a carrier and you have routes in Bulgaria or you are just transiting this country, the process of paying the vignette or more precisely the road taxes is a little different than for “tourism”.

Before we move on to the payment methods, it is good to know that the Bulgarian authorities calculate road taxes for heavy vehicles according to the following things:

  • Vehicle type: (truck / bus);
  • Vehicle mass: between 3 and 12 tons or over 12 tons;
  • Emission class: From EURO 0 to EURO 6 or EEV;
  • Type of road traveled: highway, express roads or national roads;
  • Traveled distance;

The methods by which you can pay road taxes in Bulgaria are:

Transit ticket (called “Route Pass”)

Once paid, it is valid for 24 hours and gives the right to drive on the selected road sections.

When setting up the ticket, the following must be mentioned: the departure point, the destination point and a maximum of 4 intermediate points, the vehicle registration number, the country of registration, the vehicle category, the emission class, the number of axles and the dimensions of the vehicle.

Can be purchased up to 7 days in advance by registered users and 24 hours in advance by non-registered users. Registration is done online and is a very simple process that only requires validating your email address.

It can be purchased here or here.

The major disadvantage of the transit ticket is that fines can be taken very easily if the driver deviates from the route without purchasing another ticket.

This variant is used by carriers that transit or have very infrequent flights to Bulgaria.

Automatic toll machine – road tolls Bulgaria

The safest and most convenient way for you to pay road tolls in Bulgaria if you are a carrier is by using a GPS device (OBU) that automatically pays road tolls on any route you choose to drive

This variant is the most used and recommended by carriers who often transit Bulgaria because it comes with the following advantages:

  • You can choose any route and you can change your route at any time;
  • Toll payment is done automatically, thus avoiding the stress of manual ticket purchase and manual route calculation;
  • Avoid fines;
  • Avoid the wasted time and possible mistakes that can occur when purchasing tickets manually.

For the automatic payment of road taxes in Bulgaria, you can try the CargoTrack equipment, among the most used devices of this kind in Romania.

In what currency can the vignette for Bulgaria be paid?

Even though Bulgaria is also part of the European Union, the payment of the vignette is made in the national currency, namely the Bulgarian leva (BGN-лв).

If you buy the vignette online or physically at the bank terminals (POS) by bank card, it is good to know that it is not mandatory to have a card in leva (BGN), you can just as well pay in lei, forints, euros, etc.

Great attention to the payment rate lei – leva. Always check with your bank how much the currency is valued at the time of purchase to avoid surprises later.

Our recommendations:

  • Be careful about physical payments using bank terminals (POS), make sure your bank accepts card payment in foreign countries.
  • If you purchase the vignette online, make sure you have activated the online card payment option.

Do I need a vignette in Bulgaria for the trailer as well?

When the total weight of the car + trailer/caravan is over 3.5 tons, then the purchase of a vignette is mandatory.

Attention, the vignette is not paid for the trailer (caravan) if the assembly does not exceed 3.5 tons.

It should be noted that if the vehicle + trailer / caravan assembly exceeds 3.5 tons, the vignette is purchased for each one separately.

Practical example.

If you go on vacation for a week with the caravan, and the vehicle + caravan combination exceeds 3.5 tons, it is necessary to buy a vignette of 15 leva for the vehicle and a vignette of 15 leva for the caravan.

You can see the price of the vignette for the trailer/caravan here.

Perioada de valabilitate a vinietei pentru remorcă/rulotă poate fi diferită de cea a autoturismelor.

How much is a vignette fine in Bulgaria?

Sanctions for non-payment of road taxes start from 300 leva / 748 lei for cars and reach up to 3000 leva / 7483 lei for trucks/buses.

  • 300 leva / 748 lei – unpaid car vignette.
  • 1800 leva / 4490 lei – non-payment of truck/bus tolls
  • 2500 leva / 6236 lei – partial payment of tolls, incorrect data entered at the time of purchase (e.g. wrong number of axles, wrong pollution standard, etc.).
  • 500 leva / 1247 lei – circulars on Bulgarian roads with no paid vignette and unclear or illegible registration numbers (cars).
  • 3000 leva / 7483 lei – Circulars on Bulgarian roads with no paid vignette and unclear or illegible registration numbers (trucks/buses).

I was caught without a vignette in Bulgaria, what do I do?

The payment of fines for non-payment of the Bulgaria vignette must be made on the spot, to the competent authorities.

All car, truck or bus drivers who use the Bulgarian toll road network and have not purchased the vignette electronically / physically or have not paid the tolls manually / automatically will be fined.

Good news though for those who for various reasons did not buy / pay the road taxes in Bulgaria correctly.

The Bulgarian authorities allow you to pay a compensatory tax, which entitles you to complete the journey on the respective calendar day.

If the compensatory tax is paid, the vehicle can leave the Bulgarian territory, without having previously drawn up a record of the violation.

The compensatory tax for light vehicles (under 3.5 tons) is 70 leva, i.e. 176 lei.

In the case of trucks and buses, these are the compensatory tax values for situations where the road tax for Bulgaria is not paid:

Vehicle typeSurcharge / Countervailing duty
Truck over 3.5 t up to 12 t150 leva / 375 lei
Truck over 12 t with 2-3 axles450 leva / 1125 lei
Truck over 12 t with 4 and more axles750 leva / 1875 lei
Passenger vehicle with more than 8 seats up to 12 t150 leva / 375 lei

The compensatory tax can be paid on the spot, at the time of control, by bank card, or within 14 days, by bank transfer.

The bank account in which the payment can be made belonging to the authority that manages road taxes in Bulgaria is:

  • IBAN: BG50BNBG96613100165801
  • BNB Bank

In case the compensatory tax is not paid, the Bulgarian authorities issue the record of finding the contravention and apply the administrative coercive measure of temporary suspension of the motor vehicle from circulation.

The minutes/punitive decision establishing the fine will be issued and handed over, which will come into force after 14 calendar days, if, within this term, the offending driver does not pay the compensatory fee.

If you have driven in Bulgaria and want to check if a fine has been issued for your vehicle number, you can check here: https://www.digitoll.bg/en/pay-delict/.

Automatically pay road tax in Bulgaria…

Did you know that you can pay tolls automatically with just 1 device?

With the CargoTrack device, regardless of the route you choose, tolls will be paid automatically without standing in queues and wasting time buying tickets or other online platforms…

5 reasons why it is worth testing the CargoTrack device:

  • No subscription;
  • No guarantees;
  • No contract periods;
  • You pay ONLY when you cross;
  • Assembly included in Romania or Europe;

+BONUS, with the same device you can activate: the GPS Monitoring service.

Don’t have regular rides?

There is no problem, as long as you do NOT transit Bulgaria, you do not pay even 1 leu, regardless of the break period you have between trips (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year).

Take the stress out of tolls, let the CargoTrack experts help you!

Apply for tolls here.

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