If you choose to travel by car in Spain in the next period, you will need to leave home informed about the Spanish motorway toll system and other road taxes required for driving on Spanish roads.

At the same time, if you are a carrier transiting Spain, it will help you find out which are the fastest charging methods for you.

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Spain motorway tolls.

Motorway tax Spain 2024

Types of motorways in Spain – free and toll

Autovías – free

Autovías highways are free and you recognize them by their name with “A” followed by a number (for example A7).

The downside is that they are often quite crowded at the entrances and exits.

Autopistas – with toll

Autopistat motorways are tolled according to the vehicle category, and they are named with “AP”, followed by a number (for example AP7).

They are often adjacent to the Autovías, but traffic is much freer and you will travel much faster.

How do you pay motorway toll in Spain?

The Spain motorway toll is paid manually. When entering the highway, you will have to pick up a ticket, and at the end of the highway, you will pay the toll related to the section of highway traveled.

One important thing is that some motorways in Spain charge according to the category of vehicle and the distance traveled on that stretch of road. Others, however, have fixed fees depending on the vehicle category, regardless of how many kilometers you have done on the highway.

Spain motorway toll payment method for trucks

For trucks, but also for cars that travel frequently in Spain, there is the possibility to pay the Spain motorway toll through the VIA-T automatic tolling system.

The system allows you to pass through toll stations without stopping or waiting, an advantage especially during busy periods. By using the VIA-T Box installed in the vehicle, entries and exits from the highway will be automatically recorded.

Be careful, however, the use of this device involves the payment of additional fees in addition to the motorway tolls.

Find out more about this device here.

Vehicle categories for Spain motorway toll

Similar to other European countries, Spain has implemented charging according to vehicle category.

The classification of these categories for Spaniards are:

  • Category 1 – Light vehicles (Ligeros)

-motorcycles with or without a trailer, cars with or without a trailer, the trailer having 1 axle with 2 wheels.

-vans and minibuses having 2 axles with 4 wheels.

  • Category 2 – Heavy vehicles 1 (Pesados 1)

-trucks and buses with 2 axles.

-3-axle trucks and buses, 2-axle trucks and buses plus 1-axle trailer.

-cars, vans and minibuses, all with 2 axles and 4 wheels on the rear axle (double tires).

  • Category 3 – Heavy vehicles 2 (Pesados 2)

Combinations of vehicles with a total of 4 or more axles; cars, buses and caravans

with trailers with 2 axles or at least 1 axle with 4 wheels (double tires).

Cât costă taxă autostradă Spania?

For each motorway, the amounts differ according to the system of each motorway operator in Spain.

However, for category 1-light vehicles (Ligeros) the average price is 8 euros/100 km.

Thus, here you will find information on tolls for each highway.

Road tolls bridges and tunnels Spain

Adjacent to highway tolls Spain, you will also have to pay tolls for bridges and tunnels.

Thus, the prices are:

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