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GPS monitoring Medical and Pharmaceutical

Telematic system for the medical and pharmaceutical field


Fleet vehicle status

General information about fleet activity such as:

  • Location and status of vehicles in real time;
  • Address and coordinates of the vehicles;
  • Link to share vehicle location with third parties;
  • Travel / activity history;
    Various reports for travel and vehicle activity;
  • Speed, fuel level and other basic parameters;
  • Google Maps and Street View and traffic information;

View driver list

Add, remove and modify existing drivers for better organization

  • Assign vehicle to drivers;
  • Assign an identification code for each driver;
  • Create groups of drivers based on the type of vehicle used;

Realization of Events

Receive notifications when certain events occur.

  • You will be notified via SMS, email, app notification every time someone:
  • He intends to steal fuel;
  • Exceeding the recommended speed;
  • Every time the vehicle is started / stopped;
  • Entry / exit from pre-set work zones (geozones);
  • Strong braking / acceleration;
  • When the doors / trailers are open / closed;
    Battery voltage is low;

Routes and tasks

Create routes with predefined tasks and send them to drivers in real time.

The route planning solution is tailored for long-distance transport, helps to avoid inefficient and restricted routes, minimizes possible driver mistakes and reduces business costs.

  • The specified waypoints are transformed into the best routes.
  • Up to 3 route suggestions with length, delivery time and ETA.
  • Easily edit the route, assign vehicles and add notes.
  • See the latest information on the estimated time of arrival.
  • Find out if your delivery will be on time.

Drive Time Analysis

Manage your work, drive and rest times more easily.

This module is used to view and analyze driving time violations according to Regulation (EC) no. 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council and applies only to vehicles in Europe.

Violations are listed in a table containing the following columns:

  • Driver – the driver who committed the violation;
  • Date – the exact date and time of the breach;
  • Driver activity for that driver and that date;
  • Severity – the seriousness of the violation, according to
  • European Commission Regulation 2016/403;
  • Type – the type of violation, according to Regulation (EC) no. 561/2006;
  • Factual information – what exactly was infringed;
  • Vehicle – the vehicle assigned to the driver;
  • Country – the country where the infringement was committed;

The benefits of CargoTrack

Assembly anywhere in Romania and the EU

We offer FREE installation anywhere in Romania and Europe, in record time!

Complete GPS monitoring solutions

You benefit from complete solutions for maximizing your transport business!

Dedicated customer support

We are here to support you with any issues you may have and we will make sure to find a solution!

No contract periods

Without worrying about contractual periods, at CargoTrack you manage efficiently!

GPS monitoring Medical and Pharmaceutical

If we talk about the transport of medicines, they often need specific transport conditions for them to keep their original state.

For this, CargoTrack offers you a range of solutions both for monitoring transport conditions and for their control.

With CargoTrack solutions you can monitor the trailer, even if it is detached from the tractor head. The temperature inside the cargo space must maintain specific values, and for this, the sensors we installed will send you alerts whenever there are variations in the temperature values.

With PhotoTrack you can set the option to receive photos from inside the cargo space, at time intervals selected by you

Choose a system for Medical and Pharmaceutical GPS Monitoring from Cargo Track!


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