If your next destination is Serbia or you have to transit through it, you must find out in advance about the Serbia vignette and related Serbian road taxes for your trip.

Whether you are a carrier or driving your own car on a trip to our neighboring country, you need to pay attention to the road tax payment system in Serbia, so that you can travel without problems and without the worry of fines.

One good thing to mention is that Serbian taxes are not very high, but it is important to pay them at the right time.

We will tell you about how to pay the Serbia vignette and everything you need to know in this article.

Vignette Serbia 2024

Serbia vignette system and Serbia road tax

Vignette Serbia is requested by means of road taxes Serbia, collected at the 65 toll points, located on the 820 km of highway in Serbia.

The system is designed in the idea that you pay according to the kilometers traveled and according to the category of vehicles you own.

In this sense, upon entering the highway, you will receive a magnetic card, and at the end of the road section, you will hand over the magnetic card at the toll station at the highway exit and pay the related Serbian highway toll.

Tolling in Serbia applies on the following routes:

• E75 Belgrad – Novi Sad

• E70 Novi Sad – Subotica

• E75 Belgrad – Niš

• E70 Belgrade – Šid

• E75 Niš – Leskovac

So, the advantage of this type of toll is that you will pay directly on the highway.

Careful! Payment is made in dinars or euros, cash or by bank card.

Vehicle categories for vignette payment Serbia

To pay for the Serbia vignette, you will have to classify your vehicle in one of the 4 categories imposed by the Serbians. Depending on its category and kilometers traveled on the highway, you will have to pay a certain amount.

The details for each category can be found in the table:

Category Ivehicles with a height of up to 1.3 m (at the front axle) – motorcycles and cars
Category IImotor vehicles with or without a trailer, with a height of up to 1.3 m (at the front axle of the tractor vehicle), with more than two axles – motor vehicles with a trailer
Category IIIautovehicule cu înălţimea mai mare de 1,3 m (la osia din față), cu două sau trei axe – autoutilitare, autocare, camioane cu două sau trei osii
Category IVvehicles with a height of more than 1.3 m (at the front axle of the tractor vehicle), with more than three axles – all vehicles with more than three axles

How much is the toll in Serbia?

You can make the estimate for the Serbia vignette using a calculator on the official website of the road operator in Serbia, here, where you will find other additional information for your needs.


I category, 240 dinars

II category, 350 dinars

III category, 710 dinars

IV category, 1420 dinars


I category, 330 dinars

II category, 500 dinars

III category, 990 dinars

IV category, 1980 dinars

  • E-75: BEOGRAD – NIŠ

I category, 730 dinars

II category, 1100 dinars

III category, 3630 dinars

IV category, 4390 dinars

  • E-70: BEOGRAD – ŠID

I category, 340 dinars

II category, 520 dinars

III category, 1030 dinars

IV category, 2050 dinars

  • E-70: NIŠ – LESKOVAC

I category, 190 dinars

II category, 280 dinars

III category, 570 dinars

IV category, 1130 dinars

! 1 euro is approximately 117 dinars

For more details about the Serbia vignette, go here.

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