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GPS monitoring Leasing and Car Rental

Telematic system for Leasing & Car Rental


Fleet vehicle status

General information about fleet activity such as:

  • Location and status of vehicles in real time;
  • Address and coordinates of the vehicles;
  • Link to share vehicle location with third parties;
  • Travel / activity history;
    Various reports for travel and vehicle activity;
  • Speed, fuel level and other basic parameters;
  • Google Maps and Street View and traffic information;

Realization of Geozones

Manage machines in pre-defined work areas

  • Monitoring of works in predefined areas;
  • Receiving alarms when entering/exiting the geozone;
  • Notices warning workers for certain areas;
  • Speed limits in geozones;
    Immobilization when leaving the geozone to prevent any unauthorized use of the vehicle;

Realization of Events

Receive notifications when certain events occur.

  • You will be notified via SMS, email, app notification every time someone:
  • He intends to steal fuel;
  • Exceeding the recommended speed;
  • Every time the vehicle is started / stopped;
  • Entry / exit from pre-set work zones (geozones);
  • Strong braking / acceleration;
  • When the doors / trailers are open / closed;
    Battery voltage is low;

Maintenance planning

Receive notifications every interval of
service or expiration of documents.

  • Easily monitor and plan service, repair and maintenance intervals;
  • Monitor technical inspections of machinery;
  • Alerts and notifications in case of the expiry of some licenses (ITP, RCA, CASCO, ITADR, leasing, scraps, inspections, professional certificates, medical examinations, etc.);

The benefits of CargoTrack

Assembly anywhere in Romania and the EU

We offer FREE installation anywhere in Romania and Europe, in record time!

Complete GPS monitoring solutions

You benefit from complete solutions for maximizing your transport business!

Dedicated customer support

We are here to support you with any issues you may have and we will make sure to find a solution!

No contract periods

Without worrying about contractual periods, at CargoTrack you manage efficiently!

GPS monitoring Leasing and Car Rental

In the field of Leasing or car rentals, the efficiency of the monitoring system has a direct benefit, reducing the risks that these fields have.

GPS monitoring and control services offered by CargoTrack provide you with a series of solutions in managing the risks associated with these areas.

Knowing the position of the vehicle at all times, and being able to send the location of the vehicles to the recipients set by you are safety measures that will help you.

Creating Geozones for each individual vehicle is a very effective solution for a car rental company.

You can, for example, create a Geozone with the territory of Romania, and if it is exceeded, you will be instantly alerted. A complementary module, in this case, is the option of blocking the car’s engine from a distance, in case of breach of contract clauses or even theft.

The behavior of drivers behind the wheel is an aspect that has a strong impact on the health and premature wear of vehicles. By monitoring it, drivers abusing the vehicles in your fleet can be viewed.

Did you know that…?

  • One in eight cars rented in Romania “manage” to return slightly damaged, compared to other European countries;
  • For about 100 cars rented in Romania, about 10 cars are stolen on average every year;
  • 9/10 cars equipped with GPS monitoring equipment are recovered;

How can CargoTrack help you?

Live data –view live location, car parking monitoring, fuel level, battery level, historical data with routes;

Alerts and Notifications – receive alerts for vehicle maintenance (eg low oil), safety (seatbelt status, overspeeding) and other events;

Car maintenance – schedule car maintenance based on data received from CANbus, TPMS and other systems;

Driver Behavior Monitoring – track vehicle driving behavior such as fuel consumption and efficiency;

Lock and Unlock – prevent unauthorized vehicle theft by remotely locking the ignition;

Possibility of monitoring entries/exits from the country;

EcoDrive Report.

The benefits of using the eTMS App Management Transport solution

Choose a GPS Leasing and Car Rental monitoring system from Cargo Track!


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