If Lithuania is your next destination for 2024, you have a big advantage – the Lithuania vignette is free for cars and you don’t have to pay anything.

On the other hand, if you are carrying out a transport, you must take into account that you will have to purchase a vignette in Lithuania, as the category of heavy vehicles is NOT exempt from paying road taxes.

All vehicles in categories N and M are subject to the payment of the Lithuania vignette, but in this article you will find out everything you need to know about the Lithuania vignette.

Road Tax Lithuania 2024

Free Lithuania vignette for cars

If you choose to be a tourist in Lithuania, you have a great advantage. You are not required to pay any kind of tax for driving on the country’s roads.

So you can confidently drive on the roads of Lithuania without the stress of toll payments. However, you must pay attention to traffic laws to avoid fines.

Vignette Lithuania for a fee for trucks

Lithuania requires the payment of the Lithuania vignette for heavy vehicles, including those of category N1 (vehicles of category N with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tons) and category M2 (vehicles of category M, having more than eight seats in addition to the front from the seat of the driver and which have a maximum mass that does not exceed 5 tons).

Thus, if you transport goods or transport people, you will have to purchase a Lithuania vignette, which we will tell you about in the following.

How much does a vignette cost in Lithuania?

The amount of tax for Lithuania vignette depends on:

  • vehicle category;
  • kilometers traveled on the road section.

Of course, there are also sections of the road where possession of a vignette is not required. However, the roads on which traffic is prohibited without a Lithuania vignette are marked with the sign “Mautstraße”.

Lithuania vignette costs for vehicle categories N1 and M2 are:

vehicle1 day7 days1 month1 year
  6 €14 €28 €304 €

How can you purchase Lithuania vignette?

It is important to know that the Lithuania vignette can be purchased both physically and online.

Thus, you can make sure before you set off that you have paid for the Lithuania vignette, but you can also buy it at gas stations and special designated stations.

Physical Lithuania vignette

To purchase the Lithuania vignette directly in the country, you must know that you can find it at specially marked and indicated points of sale, but also in:

  • Statoil;
  • Lukoil;
  • Baltic Petroleum;
  • ORLEN Lithuania;
  • EMSI gas stations;
  • border points.

Thus, if you are unable to buy it online, you can be worry-free once you arrive in Lithuania.

Vignette Lithuania online

However, if you want to have peace of mind on the road, you can purchase the vignette from home, but you need to calculate the validity need to pay for the vignette in Lithuania.

To purchase Lithuania vignette online, access this website and fill in the data related to your vehicle.

Road Tax Lithuania 2024

Fine for non-payment of vignette Lithuania

If you fail to purchase a Lithuania vignette, you must keep in mind that the authorities carry out checks.

The fine for not having a vignette on Lithuanian roads for M2 and N1 category heavy vehicles ranges from 170 euros to 350 euros.

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