If you have as your destination to visit the Country of Tulips or choose to transit it for another final destination, you know that you have to take into account all the details regarding road taxes and the related tax for the Netherlands vignette.

It is interesting to know that the Dutch live more ecologically and often choose public transport or scooters and bicycles, which gives an advantage to the traffic in the Netherlands.

Vignette Netherlands 2024

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about paying the Netherlands vignette and how you can travel through the Land of Tulips.

Free Netherlands vignette for cars

A very big advantage if you choose the Netherlands as a tourist destination is that the cars do not pay the Netherlands vignette service and travel completely free of charge on public roads, motorways and express roads in the Netherlands.

The only exception is the Dordtse Kill tunnel and the Westerschelde tunnel, about which we will tell you the details in the following points.

So, if you drive your car in the Netherlands, you don’t have to worry about Dutch tolls.

Vignetă Olanda pentru camioaneNetherlands vignette for trucksVignetă Olanda pentru camioane

In the case of trucks, however, the same privileges do not exist. Drivers of trucks that exceed 12 tons are required to purchase a Netherlands vignette and implicitly pay the Netherlands truck toll.

The good thing is that the purchased vignette is valid in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Luxembourg, regardless of the country where you bought it.

How can you purchase the Netherlands vignette?

A considerable advantage is that you can purchase the Netherlands vignette both online and physically. So, you can choose the best option for you and be sure that you have everything in order.

Vignette Netherlands online

With the help of the Holland online vignette, you get rid of the need to physically stick it on the truck window.

Once the vignette is purchased online, your truck will be registered in the database and you will be free from any stress of road taxes in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg.

An important fact is that you have to buy the Holland vignette in advance, because retroactive payment is not accepted.

The online purchase of the vignette is done here.

On the website you will have to fill in essential data about your vehicle: country, registration number, number of axles and degree of pollution.

The validity period for which you can purchase the Netherlands vignette is a minimum of one day and a maximum of one year.

Don’t forget to make sure you complete the payment and receive its confirmation.

Vignette Netherlands physical purchase

If you arrive in the Netherlands and have missed buying the Netherlands vignette online, you can buy it at the border points or gas stations.

Thus, you have a guaranteed safety again, but which, in certain situations, may take you a little longer.

How much is a Netherlands vignette?

As for the price you will have to pay for the Netherlands vignette in 2024, it differs depending on the period and the number of axles.

The Netherlands vignette bought for one day has a fixed price of 12 euros.

The lowest prices are for vehicles with EURO 6, with 1-3 axles that pay up to 750 euros valid for one year.

The highest price is for EURO 0 trucks, with 4 axles, which end up paying up to 1250 euros valid for one year.

If you want to calculate in advance the tax you have to pay, use this calculator.

Vignette Netherlands 2024

How long is the Netherlands vignette valid?

As I said, the Holland vignette can be purchased online or physically and is valid immediately after making the electronic payment or after purchasing it at gas stations.

It is valid from the moment of purchase until the end of the period you paid for (from one day to one year).

So be careful how far in advance you buy the Netherlands vignette online and how many days you need for the trip.

The check is done automatically through the mounted cameras or by the police at the control.

Other tolls Netherlands truck and car

Whether you travel by car or truck, the tunnels are managed by a private network and therefore, you need to pay a fee when entering the relevant road section.

Costs differ by vehicle type as follows:

Westerschelde tunnel prices

Vehicle categoryPrice
Motorcycle2,5 Euro
Machines up to 6 m long and up to 3 m high5 Euro
Vehicles with a length of more than 6 m and a height of up to 3 m (caravans)7,45 Euro
Machines up to 12 m long and over 3 m high18,20 Euro
Trucking25 Euro
Vignette Netherlands 2024

Dordtse Kill tunnel prices

Vehicle categoryPrice
Cars up to 2.3 meters high2 Euro
Vehicles with a height of more than 2.3 meters5 Euro
Vignette Netherlands 2024

Vignette fine Netherlands

For non-payment of the vignette, the fine must be paid on the spot in case of an inspection. The fines are quite high and it is much fairer to pay the Netherlands vignette before you set off.

Another thing to watch out for is that the speed limit on the highway is 80 km/h, and speeding for every over 83 km/h is somewhere around 85 euros.

Dozens of cameras are installed on the highway for vignette and speed, so you have to be very careful.

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