If you are going on vacation in Estonia with your own car, we have good news: cars up to 3.5 tons are NOT subject to the purchase of an Estonia vignette.

On the other hand, if you transit Estonia or travel for the purpose of carrying out a transport with a heavy vehicle over 3.5 tons, you will have to purchase the vignette. However, the advantage is that you can buy the Estonia vignette online, but also physically at customs checkpoints or gas stations.

One important thing to note is that coaches are exempt from this payment.

We will tell you everything about how and where you can purchase an Estonia vignette in this article.

Vignette Estonia 2024

Free Estonia vignette for cars

If you drive your own car in Estonia, you enjoy the exemption from paying for the vignette service and therefore, you don’t have to stress about purchasing and paying for the Estonia vignette.

So you won’t have to pay anything to drive on Estonian roads.

Estonia vignette for trucks over 3.5 tons

For traffic on public roads, vignettes are mandatory for all trucks with an absolute total weight of over 3.5 t, but coaches are exempt from paying the vignette.

Vignettes can be purchased for varying periods of time: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or a year and the price depends on the total weight of the vehicle, the number of axles, the emission class and the validity period of the vignette.

You can find information about taxes and how to purchase an Estonia vignette online in the following.

Estonia vignette payment via SMS service

Estonia has introduced the Estonia vignette payment service via SMS.

In this way, you have a variety of advantages, such as: you save time wasted looking for gas stations and standing in queues, you purchase the Estonia vignette exactly when you need it, you have proof of instant payment via SMS.

How can you make the payment?

To successfully pay by SMS, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. You create your account in the system by accessing this website;
  2. Enter the vehicle data;
  3. Add your phone number;
  4. Upload an amount of money for the deposit;
  5. Whenever you drive on Estonian roads, just send the SMS and you can drive peacefully on the roads.

The whole process is very fast and convenient for drivers.

You can find more about this service here.

However, you can also purchase an Estonia vignette physically at gas stations or Estonian customs.

How much is Estonia vignette?

In terms of prices, the tax imposed by Estonia is not that high compared to other countries.

For vehicles between 3.5 tonnes and 12 tonnes, the approximate prices are as follows:

Daily chargesWeekly feesMonthly feesAnnual fees
9 euro25 euro50 euro500 euro

For vehicles larger than 12 tons, the prices charged for the Estonia vignette tax are calculated according to the pollution class, as follows:

Daily chargesWeekly feesMonthly feesAnnual fees
3 axes4 or more axes3 axes4 or more axes3 axes4 or more axes3 axes4 or more axes
EURO 0, I, II12 euro12 euro45 euro65 euro90 euro130 euro900 euro1300 euro
EURO III11 euro12 euro40 euro60 euro80 euro120 euro800 euro1200 euro
EURO IV, V10 euro12 euro35 euro55 euro70 euro110 euro700 euro1100 euro
EURO VI 10 euro12 euro30 euro50 euro60 euro100 euro600 euro1000 euro

Non-paid fine Estonia vignette

Driving without a vignette or with an expired vignette is sanctioned with fines starting at 100 euros and may even lead to the confiscation of the vehicle.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that the vignette is valid before putting the car into motion.

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