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Reading mode – download tachograph data

Download tachograph data remotely and streamline your business!

Modul citire – descărcare date tahograf

Modul citire – descărcare date tahograf

It is important as a fleet manager to know your obligations regarding the recording of tachograph data, as breaching them can be a costly mistake. With the Tachograph module offered by CargoTrack you will be able to download data from the digital tachograph and from the driver card remotely. Moreover, the solution for downloading data from the tachograph simplifies the process of accounting for them as all information is collected automatically.

What does this mean to you?

Reduction of working time with downloading tachographs and reduction of human errors in downloading and storing data. The data from the digital tachograph and from the driver’s card are transmitted in the format adopted at the European level “.ddd”. Also, the solution allows reading data from driver cards issued in any country.

Companies owning car fleets have the following obligations:

  • The digital tachograph must be part of the vehicle equipment
  • Tachograph data must be downloaded once every 90 days
  • Copies of the digital data stored in the tachograph for each vehicle
  • Checking the tachograph once every 2 years, at authorized services

Drivers have the following obligations:

  • Use of the driver card without deviation
  • Exclusive use of the personal card, associated with the identification data of each individual driver
  • Downloading the data recorded on the personal card, every 28 days
  • It is mandatory to renew the card at least 15 days before its expiry
  • Observance of driving and rest times

Choose CargoTrack for Reading mode - download tachograph data!

Common problems

Forgot the mandatory tachograph download?

Do you want to reduce working time with tachograph data download?

Want to optimize this complex process?

Do you wish you had more time for more important tasks?

Benefits obtained

Cost optimization by eliminating periodic travel for unloading
Calculating driver wages based on driving and rest times
Ability to automate legally required tachograph downloads
Saving dispatchers and fleet managers time for efficiency

Other compatible modules:

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