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Greece is definitely a favorite destination for Romanians. Whether you’re planning a vacation to the Greek islands, just transiting through the country or arranging transportation, there are a few important things to consider before you hit the road.

The road tax in Greece requires additional attention and information from travelers. Each of the 7 highways benefits from a special company that manages and implicitly charges the over 2200 km of highway in Greece.

There are certain sections that can be paid with the toll machine mounted on the truck, and others where you can pay the Greece vignette online. But most highways and their toll stations use the payment system at the toll station, cash or by card via PayPass.

In the following you will receive all the necessary information on road taxes in Greece, whether you are going on vacation or preparing for a transport.

How can you pay the Greece vignette?

For cars up to 2.2m and motorbikes, the vast majority of motorway companies provide for the payment of Greece motorway tolls in cash or by card at the toll station on the motorway.

Pay the Greece vignette online

Unfortunately, Greece does not offer the online toll payment system. However, there are highway companies that accept payment orders by bank transfer for the Greece vignette.

Pay the vignette Greece physically

The safest and most common way to pay the vignette at any of the Greek toll companies is physical payment at the toll station. You will encounter many such toll stations for paying the Greece vignette regardless of the highway you are traveling on. All of them have the option of paying with a Greece vignette in cash or by card.

Highway/vehicle                                 Length    Motorcycles Cars up to 2.20-2.70 m high
A.TH.E. (Nea Odos): Lamia – Athens172 km7.55 €10.85 €
Aegean Odos: Thessaloniki – Lamia255 km11.60 €16.60 €
Attiki Odos: Athens (Airport) – Athens (Elefsina)70 km1.40 €2.80 €
Egnatia Odos: Typia – Komotiní657 km13.40 €19.20 €
Ionia Odos (Nea Odos): Ioánnina – Antirrio196 km8.70 €12.45 €
Kentriki Odos: Trikala – Sofades40 km3.45 €4.95 €
Moreas Odos: Kalamata – Korinthos132 km8.70 €12.60 €
Olympia Odos201 km7,90 €11.5 €

Careful! Payment of highway tolls in Greece is made in EURO. Pay attention to the type of card you choose to pay for the Greece vignette if you want to avoid high commissions.

For each of the 7 motorways and their 7 management companies, access the following links for information on fees and specific payment methods for the Greece vignette:

Where can you pay the motorway toll in Greece?

An advantage of the Greece motorway toll system is that once you choose to drive on the motorway, you are obliged to pay these motorway tolls at the toll stations you will pass through and practically, you get rid of the worry of the moment of payment.

These toll stations for paying road taxes Greece are along the highways, and for an overview, see their map:

Road Tax Greece 2024

Greece motorway toll for trucks

For carriers, there are the same cash/card payment possibilities at toll stations on the motorways. However, some of them also offer highway toll services through the electronic payment system through the device mounted in the car. However, it is different for each of the highways that provide this service:

  • Taxe autostrazi Grecia – Autostrada Aegean – sistemul electronic eWay;
  • Taxe autostrazi Grecia – Autostradra Olympia Odos – sistemul O-Pass;
  • Taxe autostrazi Grecia – Autostrada Nea Odos – sistemul Fast Pass;
  • Taxe autostrazi Grecia – Autostrăzile Kentriki Odos, Attiki Odos și Moreas – folosesc sistemul e-Pass.

So, as a carrier you can choose to pay the Greece road tax either at the toll stations on the highway, by cash or card payment directly there, or through the toll system.

The advantage of using these systems is if you drive regularly in Greece, otherwise paying at the toll booths for Greece motorways will be much more useful and quick.

Careful! Payment for the Greek toll is made in EURO currency!

For all Greece motorway tolls, details and payment methods, visit the official websites of each management company

Can I get a fine if I don’t pay the road tax Greece?

Considering the Greek payment system for the 7 motorways and the 7 companies that manage them, the fact that the Greece motorway toll is paid at the toll stations along the motorway, the chances of a fine for non-payment are quite low.

These chances of fines only occur in the case of payment errors by payment order or failure of the payment equipment for large vehicles.

However, you must pay special attention to the traffic laws, as the fines in Greece are high. The most common violations of the law and to which you can easily be exposed are those of exceeding the speed limit and illegal parking.

Fees for Ferryboats

For destinations in the Greek islands, you will need to cross by Ferryboat, which includes an additional fee.

Depending on the distance traveled on the water, Ferryboat fees may differ, but you can directly calculate your transportation cost through their official ticket calculation and booking website.

Other Greece road taxes to be aware of

Depending on the chosen route, along the way you will encounter tolled portions, such as some bridges.

The most frequently crossed such areas are Aktio – Preveza (submarine tunnel) and Rio – Antirio (bridge).

Section / CategoryMotorcyclesPassenger vehiclesCamioane cu 2 axeTrucks with 3 axlesBuses
Aktio – Preveza (tunnel under)0,70 euro3,00 euro5,00 euro8,00 euro8,00 – 14,00 euro
Rio- Antirio (Charilaos Trikoupis)1,9 euro13,20 euro19,90 euro32,00 euro29,7 – 64 euro

The best route Romania Greece in 2024

Because we know how tiring it is to look for the best route, or to cross roads at work, we propose an accessible route:

Bucharest – Pleven – Sofia – Dupnitsa – Blagoevgrad – Serres – Thessaloniki – Katerini – Larissa – Greece

This route is 940 km long, and the approximate time is 12 hours, for an average speed of 80 km/h.

Other road taxes you have to pay until you get to Greece

Until Greece, departing from the Bucharest area and transiting Bulgaria, there will still be fees for:

Our road toll payment solutions

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