Are you going to visit Macedonia? Are you a transporter and need to be always informed about the road tax payment system in Macedonia or other countries? Today we tell you about the Macedonian vignette system and everything you need to know about the Macedonian highway toll.

It is important to set out on the road informed, and because we know this, we provide you with information about the road tax payment system for all countries in Europe.

Vignette Macedonia 2024

How to pay Macedonia vignette?

The Macedonian road toll system is typical and used by several countries for highways.

Macedonia uses an open payment system, i.e. you pay at the toll booths on the highway you drive on depending on the vehicle category and kilometers traveled.

The highways in Macedonia cover a distance of 242 km, out of the total of 14,182 km of public roads. The motorway toll is imposed on all motorways.

In the following, we will present the categories of vehicles, how much they cost and how you can pay the Macedonia vignette.

Vehicle categories for Macedonia vignette

Taxation for the Macedonia vignette is done according to the class of vehicle you own.

Macedonia has imposed 3 such categories according to which you will have to pay the corresponding amount of Macedonian highway tolls (Macedonian vignette).

The categories are:

Vehicle categoryDescription
IBVehicles with 2 axles and a maximum height of 1.30 m (in the area of the front axle)
YLVehicles with trailers with 3 or more axles, not higher than 1.30 m; (in front deck area)
Vehicles with 2 axles and a height greater than 1.30 m or less than 1.80 m (in the area of the front axle)

How much does Macedonia vignette cost?

A considerable advantage is that the Macedonian vignette amount is small compared to other European countries.

You can find the indicative prices in the following table:

Pay stationHighway section 
RomanovceA1: Kumanovo-MiladinovciMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)
SopotA1: Petrovec-VelesMKD 50 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)MKD 120 (2,00 €)
StobiA1: Veles-GradskoMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)
GevgelijaA1: Gradsko-GevgelijaMKD 60 (1,00 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)MKD 160 (3,00 €)
KadrifakovoA2: Stip-Sveti NikolaMKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 50 (1,00 €)MKD 80 (1,50 €)
PorojaA2: Sveti Nikole-MiladinovciMKD 40 (0,50 €)MKD 70 (1,50 €)MKD 100 (2,00 €)
MiladinovciA2: Miladinovci-SkopjeMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
ActorieA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
ZjelinoA2: Skopje-TetovoMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 60 (1,00 €)
TetovoA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)
GostivarA2: Tetovo-GostivarMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 30 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)
PetrovecA4: Skopje-PetrovecMKD 20 (0,50 €)MKD 40 (1,00 €)MKD 50 (1,00 €)

Macedonia vignette payment options

Payment for the North Macedonia toll can be made both in cash using the local currency (MKD) and via credit cards.

Euros are also accepted in cash, including €1 and €2 coins as well as 50 cents. Conversely, 10 and 20 cent coins are not accepted.

Exchange can be done in both local currency and Euros, but it is recommended to use local currency as Euro rates are fixed and require a conversion at the central bank rate, resulting in 10-15% higher costs than paying in currency local.

Macedonia motorway toll station map

To orientate yourself more efficiently with regard to the route and kilometers traveled on the highways, you can find the map with the toll stations here.

Plan your route ahead of time and make sure you factor in all related costs.

Vignette Macedonia 2024

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