If you choose to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2024 or transit through it to get to Croatia, you must pay attention to what the Bosnia and Herzegovina Vignette consists of and make sure you pay the related fees.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make sure you have all the information you need before you hit the road.

If you have Croatia as your final destination, go here to find out all the information about road tolls in Croatia.

Vignette Bosnia 2024

Bosnia and Herzegovina Vignette or Bosnia and Herzegovina road tax

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no charge for buying a Bosnia and Herzegovina vignette, but a Bosnia and Herzegovina toll applies for the highways you choose to drive on.

Of course, there are detours, but if you choose to drive on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highways, it’s important to be aware of road tolls.

Bosnia and Herzegovina highway network

In total, Bosnia and Herzegovina has 22,926 km of public roads, of which 205 km are highways.

On the motorway sections, a Bosnia and Herzegovina motorway toll is charged, calculated according to the category of your vehicle and the section you are driving.

There are currently five sections of motorway that can be tolled:

  • Sarajevo – Zenica;
  • Sarajevo – Tarcin;
  • Medjugorje – Lyubushki;
  • Banja Luka – Gradishka;
  • Banja Luka – Doboi.

Below in the article you will find the categories made by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How can I pay the Bosnia and Herzegovina toll?

There are two ways to pay road tax in Bosnia and Herzegovina: automatic and manual, which you can choose according to your organization.

Automatic payment of road tolls Bosnia and Herzegovina

For automatic payment, you have to buy an ACC TAG device in advance and install it on the car.

With this device you will enter the highway through the part marked with the corresponding indicator. There your device installed on your car will be automatically scanned and the barrier will automatically be raised.

For more details about this service, go here.

Manual payment of road tolls Bosnia and Herzegovina

To make the manual payment, you must enter the motorway through the gates specially marked for this purpose. Your registration number will be automatically scanned and you will receive a magnetic card.

You must keep the magnetic card and scan it at the highway exit. When exiting the motorway you will select the same gate that was used to enter. In the following, you will insert the magnetic card at the related payment booth.

The amount paid will be calculated according to the vehicle category and the number of kilometers traveled on the highway section.

Vignette Bosnia 2024

Vehicle category for charging

Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced 4 types of categories for vehicles, depending on which you will pay the Bosnia and Herzegovina road tax for the road section you drove.

To place your car in a certain category, you can find below the table related to the categories imposed by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I Motorcycles and vehicles with 2 axles and a maximum height of 1.30 m (in the area of the front axle)
II Vehicles with two or more axles, a height of 1.30 m or more (in the area of the front axle) and a maximum permissible mass of up to 3.5 t
III Vehicles with 2 or 3 axles, a height greater than 1.30 m (in the area of the front axle) and a maximum permissible mass greater than 3.5 t
IV Vehicles with more than three axles, a height of 1.3 m and more (in the area of the first axle) and a maximum permissible mass of more than 3.5 t
Vignette Bosnia 2024

How much is the road tax (Vignette Bosnia and Herzegovina)?

The Bosnia and Herzegovina toll (Bosnia and Herzegovina Vignette) is calculated at the motorway exit depending on the kilometers you have traveled and the category of your vehicle.

In this regard, you cook in the table below the approximate prices for 2024 in Bosnia and Herzegovina for categories I and II:

Motorway prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Portion of highwayCategory I.Category II
Sarajevo – Zenica
(64 km)
6,00 (3,10 €)12.00 (6.10 €)
Sarajevo – Tarčin
(25 km)
2,50 (1,30 €)5,00 (2,60 €)
Međugorje – Ljubuški
(10 km)
1,20 (0,60 €)2,50 (1,30 €)
Banja Luka – Gradiška
(34 km)
2,50 (1,30 €)5,00 (2,60 €)
Banja Luka – Doboj
(72 km)
3,00 (1,50 €)6,00 (3,10 €)
Vignette Bosnia 2024

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