In 2024, Sweden is among the EU member states that has implemented the Eurovignette system, representing the Sweden vignette and including taxes related to traffic on the country’s roads.

Sweden’s road tax system is similar to that implemented by Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

These countries bring a considerable advantage to small cars, which are not required to pay the Sweden vignette, and traffic on the roads is free. However, all vehicles are subject to tolls on certain bridges in Sweden.

The purchase of the Sweden vignette in the form of a Eurovignette is intended for heavy vehicles with a maximum authorized mass of at least 12 tonnes. Here, however, the means of transporting people (coaches, buses) are an exception, which are not required to purchase a Sweden vignette.

We present everything you need to know about traffic on the roads in Sweden in this article.

Vignette Sweden 2024

Free Sweden vignette for cars

A good thing for tourists in Sweden is that with the implementation of the Eurovignette, the Sweden vignette tax for cars and small vehicles is free and you don’t have to pay to drive on the roads and highways in Sweden

However, you need to pay attention to the toll imposed on the bridges, which we will talk about later in the article.

Vignette Sweden truck – against cost

For heavy vehicles with a mass of more than 12 tons, it is necessary to purchase the Eurovignette.

This is an electronic vignette, so you don’t have to stick it on your car’s windshield. However, you must also take into account the tolls for the bridges, which are not included in the price charged for the Sweden vignette.

In the following, we will explain how you can purchase a Sweden vignette online, its price and the price of tolls for bridges.

How do you buy a Sweden vignette online?

A big advantage of the Sweden vignette payment is that it can be bought online and the process is extremely simple and fast.

The purchase is made through the official eurovignettes website:

To complete the purchase of the Eurovignette, you will need to enter the following data:

  • the country in which the vehicle is registered;
  • registration number, exactly as in the registration certificate, with all spaces included;
  • the number of axles;
  • vehicle pollution norm.

Careful! Payment is made in euros!

More than that, pay close attention to the payment confirmation and the correctness of the data you entered, to make sure that there were no errors and that you will have no problems in transiting Sweden.

How much is a vignette in Sweden?

The Sweden vignette has a fixed price for heavy vehicles when it is purchased for one day – 12 euros.

The validity can be chosen up to a maximum of one year, and the most expensive for this validity is in the case of EURO 0 vehicles with 4 axles, namely 2359 euros. Instead, for a vehicle with 1-3 axles and EURO 6, the price for one year is 1250 euros.

To find out what price you will have to pay depending on your vehicle, go here.

Vignette Sweden 2024

Other tolls Sweden

As with other countries, there are other taxes that apply to all vehicles that drive on Sweden’s roads.

In this case, we are talking about the Oresund Bridge and the Svinesund Bridge, whose tolls are paid by every driver of a vehicle accessing the road section related to the bridges.

In the case of the Oresund Bridge, tolls start at 50 euros for cars, and you can find more about the tolling of each vehicle here. This bridge is the longest road-rail bridge (16km) and connects two countries, Sweden and Denmark.

For the Svinesund Bridge on the border between Sweden and Norway, the tolls are as follows:

Tariff (SEK)
Motorcycles and mopeds
Machine (up to 3.5 t)20 (2,00 EUR)
Truck (over 3.5 t)100 (9,80 EUR)
Vignette Sweden 2024

Tolls for these bridges are paid at the toll stations at the entrance to the road section.

Careful! An additional congestion charge is charged for the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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