Montenegro is a country that represents a destination much desired by tourists. Offering both the beauty of the mountain and the wonder of the blue sea, we know how tempting you are to choose to discover this country with your own car. Whether you are a tourist or a carrier on business, you need to find out about the Montenegro vignette and what road taxes you have to pay.

An important thing to know is that Montenegro does not have a very large network of highways and therefore, the roads traveled will be national and European.

You have to pay extra attention to the speed limits, because the Montenegrins have imposed speed limits that are slightly lower than in Romania.

However, you will need to pay some Montenegro road tolls in the case of a highway and a tunnel, but we will introduce you to everything you need to know about the Montenegro vignette in this article.

Montenegro vignette 2024

Vehicle classes in Montenegro

If you drive on the roads of Montenegro, to pay the Montenegro vignette tax you need to know which class your vehicle belongs to, in order to choose the correct payment system.

Class IMotorcycles
Class IIVehicles with 2 axles and up to 1.3m
Vehicles (2 axles) with a total weight of up to 3.5 t and a total height of up to 1.9 m
Class IIIMotor vehicles (3 axles) up to 1.3 m on the front axle and up to 1.9 m overall height Motor vehicles (2 axles) under 3.5 t total vehicle weight and over 1.9 m overall height
Class IVVehicles (up to 3 axles) over 3.5 t GVW and over 1.3 m on the front axle Vehicles (2 axles) up to 3.5 t GVW and over 1.9 m overall height with trailer
Class VVehicles (from 4 axles) over 3.5 t total vehicle weight and over 1.3 m on the front axle

Depending on the class you belong to with your vehicle, the Montenegro vignette payment will depend, but also depending on the kilometers traveled on the highway.

Payment vignette Montenegro

The Montenegro vignette payment is made for the section of the A1 highway, which connects Smokovac and Mateševo, and its length is 42 km and was inaugurated in July 2022.

This highway is intended to connect Montenegro with the borders of Serbia for faster access.

So, if you get to this area, you should know that it is the only highway in Montenegro and the only one for which a Montenegro vignette is required.

How do you pay Montenegro vignette?

To pay for the Montenegro vignette, you just have to stop at the toll stations on the highway, where you can pay with:

  • Cash money;
  • Credit card;
  • Travel smart card;
  • Automatic electronic system.

Careful! Payment is made in euros!

Another important thing to mention is that if you are a frequent traveler to Montenegro, I get a 10% discount for the Montenegro vignette, and its amount can reach up to 20 euros without discount.

Payment of road toll Montenegro tunnel

Another Montenegrin road toll that must be paid in addition to the Montenegro vignette is the Sozina tunnel toll, made on a 4.1km stretch on the E80 between Podgorica and Bar.

The prices for this tunnel are:

carmotorcyclesHeavy vehicles
Sozina Tunnel2.50 euro1.00 euro5.00 euro

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