Motorway tax Italy 2024

Are you planning your vacation in Italy and want to enjoy this experience with your own car? Are you transiting through Italy or carrying out a transport, and you are not informed about the Italian road tax? In this article we provide you with everything you need to know about Italy motorway tax in 2024.

The Italians have a relatively simple payment system and provide several payment methods for the Italy road tax.

You have to take into account the fact that Italians have a lot of toll roads, in addition to the highways. From this point of view, you need to pay special attention to the chosen route and toll road sections.

Whether you’re a tourist in Italy or a carrier, we’ve got all the information you need here to make sure you pay all the road tolls in Italy.

Types of motorway tolls Italy

Motorways in Italy have two types of tolls, depending on the highway traveled: variable tolls and fixed tolls.

All these taxes also take into account the type of vehicle and its classification in the Italian classification system, which we will present in point 2.

Careful! All Italian tolls are paid in EURO currency!

The indicative prices of motorway tolls are:

Motorway tax Italy 2024

Italy motorway toll variable

The variable tax applies on most motorways in Italy and charges the driver according to the kilometers you travel. When entering the motorway, the driver of the vehicle takes a ticket, and when exiting he pays the Italia motorway tax according to:

  • The number of kilometers traveled;
  • Vehicle class;
  • The coefficient of each highway.

See point 2 about how to classify the vehicle.

Fixed Italy motorway toll

Fixed tolling applied to certain motorways refers to a fixed price set for traveling the motorway, regardless of the number of kilometers travelled.

These portions are:

  • Autostrada dei Laghi, on the bypasses around the city of Milan;
  • on the North and South ring of the city of Milan;
  • Section A3 of the Naples-Pompei-Salerno highway;
  • A12 Rome-Civitavecchia;
  • A32;
  • A33 section Asti-Alba;
  • A24 section Settecamini-Lunghezza.

Vehicle categories for Italian motorway tolls

The Italian system charges traffic on roads and motorways according to the class of the car.

The car falls into a class according to the height of the vehicle next to the first axle and according to the number of axles. Thus, cars are categorized according to 5 classes:

  • Class A 2: motorcycles and vehicles with a front axle height of less than 1.3 m, scooters with a cylinder capacity greater than 150 cc;
  • Class B 2: Machines with 2 axles and a height of more than 1.3 m on the front axle;
  • Class III: Cars with 3 axles;
  • Class IV: Cars with 4 axles;
  • Class V: Vehicles with 5 or more axles.

So, regardless of whether you drive on a stretch of road with variable or fixed tolls, they will also take into account the classification class of your car.

Moreover, the amount of road tax will also differ according to the relief zone, calculated per kilometer.

Payment methods for Italy motorway toll

Stații pentru taxă autostradă Italia fizic

Driving on the Italian highways, at each toll booth, you will encounter 5 toll stations. Each of these has certain payment methods, from which you can choose your favorite one.

  • Toll station 1: vehicles that have installed the TELEPASS system;
  • Toll station 2: Viacard, credit card, cash card and TELEPASS;
  • Toll station 3: Viacard, credit card and cash card;
  • Toll station 4: Cash, viacard, credit card and cash card.
  • Toll station 5: Cash with operating staff.
Motorway tax Italy 2024

Italy motorway payment online

Unfortunately, Italy does not have an online toll payment system.

However, there is the VIACARD option. This is a prepaid card. That is, you can buy VIACARD worth EUR 25, EUR 50, EUR 75, at petrol stations, newsstands or certain tourist offices.

With this card, you will pay at one of the toll stations that accept VIACARD and use the previously paid amount on the card account.

However, the easiest and fastest payment option is at the ticket office marked CARTE.

If the toll machines do not work properly due to certain malfunctions or objective reasons, the driver will be issued an invoice that he will be obliged to pay within 15 days at most.

For any other information, do not hesitate to access

Motorway tax Italy trucks

If you are the driver of a large vehicle, you must take into account that the value of the Italy truck toll increases with the classification of the vehicle, which in your case will be class 4 or class 5.

Thus, the taxes for your vehicle can vary between EUR 0.142 and EUR 0.197 per kilometer. You can pay by card, cash, via VIACARD or the TELEPASS system at toll stations on the highway.

You can also access the VIACARD option, which you can buy at gas stations or kiosks and which you pay in advance for EUR 25, EUR 50 or EUR 75, and you just have to present it at the toll station. (see point 3)

One of the fastest and most effective ways in the case of a carrier will be the TELEPASS system, installed on the car. Through it, you will have to pass through toll stations 1 or 2 at a maximum of 30 km/h, and the payment process will be carried out automatically.

Find out everything else you need to know on

Pay tunnels Italy

In addition to the Italian motorway toll, Italy also imposes tolls for the country’s tunnels. These Italy tunnel fees depend on the vehicle category (motorcycles/cars up to 3.5 tons and up to 2m high/cars up to 3.5 tons and between 2-3m high)

For more information on any of the tunnels, visit their page.

TunnelMotorcyclesMachines up to 3.5 tons with a height of 2 mMachines up to 3.5 tons with a height of 2-3 m
The Grand Saint-Bernard tunnel is one-sided16,5 €27,8 €43,40 €
Great Saint Bernard Tunnel there and the other way22,1 €44,60 €69,30 €
La Shera mountain tunnel
taken in April November
11 FR15FR23 FR
The Frejus tunnel is unilateral31,7 €48,8 €63,50 €
Frejus Tunnel there and back39,8 €48,8 €79,80 €
The Mont Blanc tunnel is one-sided32,3 €48,8 €64,50 €
Mont Blanc tunnel there and back40,76 €60,20 €81,20 €

Sanctions for not paying road taxes in Italy

If you don’t pay the road tax within 15 days, you risk being fined between €87 and €345.

Moreover, Italians are strict about speeding, and the speed limits imposed are

  • In the city: 50 km/h;
  • Outside the city: 90 km/h;
  • On the highway: 110 km/h (90 km/h for drivers with less than 3 years of experience);
  • On the highway: 130 km/h (110 km/h in rainy weather and for drivers with less than 3 years of experience).

For speeding, the fines are:

  • up to 10 km/h: EUR 41;
  • 11-40 km/h: EUR 169 and 2 points;
  • 40-60 km/h: 532 EUR 10 points and driving ban for 2-3 months;
  • over 60 km/h: EUR 829 10 penalty points and driving ban for 6-12 months.

Italy motorway toll calculator 2024

Now that you have all the information you need to hit the road, you can calculate your Italy motorway toll by accessing

Do not forget that all payments in Italy are made in EURO, and most roads are tolled.

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