In the field of transport, the investment in fuel represents very large sums of money. An important factor for the efficiency and management of the company is the application of measures to avoid fuel theft.

We all know that there are different practices for fuel theft, but most of the time, this situation is difficult to handle.

In this regard, a GPS monitoring service can significantly reduce fuel theft and improve driver behavior at the wheel by maintaining good communication between the dispatcher and the driver.

In this article, we will explain the most basic measures that you can apply in your company starting tomorrow, to reduce fuel theft and organize your business much more efficiently.

Read on to find out the most important information in the field of transport!

Fuel theft – a major problem

Fuel theft is a very common problem faced by carriers. This habit of drivers leads to a major increase in the sums invested in fuel and can make it very difficult to manage the business.

In addition, the aggressive driving style of drivers can be another factor that leads to much higher fuel consumption and, again, much higher costs than needed.

This situation is often difficult for carriers to manage, and rightly so – high control over drivers is not always easy to achieve.

However, the GPS monitoring solution and its related functionalities can be a tremendous plus for transport companies in this “fight” against fuel theft.

GPS monitoring – an effective solution

The right GPS tracking service for your business will significantly help you reduce fuel theft.

There are many options on the market for GPS monitoring, but it’s important to choose GPS equipment with the right features and accessories for your business needs and demands.

If you make the right choices, you will be able to make the most of the ability of a GPS tracking service and end up reducing the fuel consumption of your vehicles, as well as eliminating fuel theft.

We suggest 2 of the most effective ways to reduce fuel theft to almost 0: using a fuel gauge and monitoring the behavior of drivers.

Using the litrometric probe

The fuel gauge is a small device that is installed inside the tank and constantly provides information about the fuel level.

It is developed specifically for fuel management and works by communicating with GPS monitoring equipment.

The sensor is equipped with an electronic galvanic isolation through an interface and power supply circuits. To measure the fuel level, it uses a measuring head together with a probe immersed in the fuel, which acts as a capacitor. The capacity of this capacitor varies in direct proportion to the fuel level in the tank.

By installing the litrometric probe, you will have information about the fuel level in the tank and you will have access to:

  • Fuel tank report;
  • Fuel control module;
  • Fuel Level Reports;
  • Fuel alerts (every time the tank level drops drastically, you will be alerted);

The advantages of this GPS equipment accessory are very important for managing your business:

  • The sensor is characterized by extremely high precision, linearity and stability regardless of temperature.
  • Inside the sensor head is a calibration table, allowing direct transfer of data in liters.
  • The provided galvanic isolation protects the sensor head against overvoltages.
  • The sensor has a monolithic construction, which contributes to its durability.
  • It offers a wide range of probe length options, with the ability to vary from 15 to 300 cm.
  • It stands out for its ease of installation, facilitating fast and efficient implementation.

Go here to read more information about the dipstick.

Driver behavior analysis

A very important functionality in reducing fuel consumption is the analysis of driver behavior.

Once you have managed to eliminate fuel theft, it is also important to ensure that your vehicle is being driven efficiently.

The driver’s driving style is an important factor in reducing fuel consumption. Sudden braking, aggressive acceleration, and overall aggressive or disorganized driving style will result in high fuel consumption and much more wear and tear on the vehicle.

With a high-performance GPS monitoring system, you can check exact reports on the driver’s behavior (with complete information about the speed, braking, acceleration and other important parameters).

Integrating GPS tracking into your business with CargoTrack

It is important to choose a GPS monitoring service that is right for your business needs, in order to get the most out of the best features.

At CargoTrack we take care of each partner to make the best choices regarding GPS tracking service.

In addition, we install the GPS equipment of your choice anywhere in Europe, directly to your vehicle’s location, free of charge.

Want to learn more about these services?

Want to reduce fuel theft in your company?

Contact us now and we’ll help you step by step!

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