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Bluetooth temperature sensor

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the temperature sensor is ultra compact, 100% autonomous and robust, which can be easily adapted to the refrigerated transport industry.

What is remote temperature monitoring?

In the transport sector, maintaining the optimum temperature is a major issue, both for public health and for economic reasons.

The transport of heat-sensitive goods is subject to numerous standards and regulations (eg EN12830 and EN13486 standards), pushing those involved in the industry to equip themselves with innovative connected telematics solutions.

Indeed, not meeting the optimum temperature can have serious repercussions and must be controlled precisely and very regularly.

To meet this challenge and enable carriers to secure the goods they are responsible for, CargoTrack has developed these bluetooth temperature sensors with the aim of providing fleet managers with the security of remote temperature monitoring.

How does remote temperature monitoring work?

Bluetooth temperature sensors can be fixed in different places: in a refrigerated trailer, in an isothermal transport box or even in a refrigerated cabinet.

Being 100% autonomous, the bluetooth temperature sensors will measure and record the temperature at regular intervals (which can be configured).

The history will be transmitted by the Bluetooth sensor to the GPS monitoring equipment, which will then transmit all the information to the CargoTrack monitoring application.

The user will be able to view the history of temperature variation in the form of graphs and reports on the CargoTrak application in mobile or desktop/laptop anytime and anywhere.

The user will also be able to set alert thresholds through the app. In this case, when the temperature exceeds the predefined threshold, an email and/or SMS alert will be sent in real time to the driver and/or fleet manager.

Why integrate CargoTrack temperature sensors into your telematics solution?

CargoTrack’s Bluetooth temperature sensors are ideal for remote temperature monitoring for several reasons:

  • 100% autonomous

Their battery operation provides up to 18 years of autonomy.

  • EN12830 – 2018 certificate

The sensors are COFRAC certified (EN12830 – 2018), which certifies their accuracy and calibration to regulatory compliant standards. This certification is valid on an international scale because the COFRAC organization is affiliated to ILAC.

CargoTrack also offers a calibration service for bluetooth temperature sensors to guarantee accurate data.

  • Wide measurement range and real-time data

With a temperature measurement range of -40 °C to +85 °C and a configurable transmission period, these sensors can provide the most advanced data and reports in the transport of heat-sensitive goods by real-time transmission of recorded data.

  • Compatibility with GPS monitoring equipment

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, these sensors are compatible with CargoTrack GPS monitoring equipment, requiring no additional integration.

  • Quick and easy installation

Extremely easy to install thanks to different means of fixing (high-performance double-sided sticker or screw-on bracket), these sensors can be mounted on any type of surface and very importantly, they do not require wiring.

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