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CargoTrack WebApp - Car GPS Application

Streamline your entire car fleet, manage it entirely with the help of an application at the highest standards of technology!

CargoTrack Web App – CargoTrack GPS application

Do you feel like organizing your fleet is a never-ending race?

Where the competition to get the most transports is as fierce as Formula 1 racing?

Let me guess, all competitors offer the same customer service and you have very little chance to stand out?

Do you want to be the best? Do you want to differentiate yourself from them?

But what if I told you that with the Auto CargoTrack GPS app you could leave all your competitors far behind you?

With the help of the Auto CargoTrack GPS app and our specialists you can really become the best! mai bun!

About the Auto CargoTrack GPS app

The Auto CargoTrack GPS application was developed through real field testing and customer experience in the field.

This is more precisely a monitoring and control platform that allows you to monitor vehicles in real time. You can also constantly check the activity of your fleet and keep under control the costs of drivers, fuel and vehicle repairs.

The GPS monitoring system and platform allows you to check and control all important parameters of your fleet such as location, activity history, fuel consumption and fuel level, working hours, etc.

CargoTrack app overview

With the help of the CargoTrack application you can enjoy the following features of the system:

What do you get with the CargoTrack app?

What do you get with the CargoTrack app?

You get real information to make better decisions

Automatically connect your drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, key indicators and all other data in one easy and simple to monitor platform.

Get data easily and quickly from the digital tachograph and vehicle on-board computer (CANbus). It also monitors fuel levels and consumption and rates drivers based on their driving style.

CargoTrack is a platform oriented to your needs, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Manage your fleet from anywhere and anytime because CargoTrack offers you the mobile version of the app for both Android and iOS devices.

Organize your drivers' driving hours and breaks!

Manage vehicles and set work zones!

Receive notifications with essential information about your fleet

Send messages to your drivers directly from the platform in real time!

Get an instant overview of your fleet's performance!

Monitor the location of your vehicles in real-time, view trip history, send routes, messages and tasks to drivers, receive notifications with reports and more.

Get real data on fuel level and consumption!

Monitor the driving style, wasted fuel and efficiency of your drivers!

Customize and generate the reports you need (ex: fuel report!

Create routes and orders and automatically send them to your drivers!

Receive notifications when your vehicles need service!


GPS Equipment & Compatible Accessories

Discover other advanced technologies compatible with the CargoTrack App and beat your competition!

Immobilizer relay

This accessory was specially created for blocking the engine of vehicles….

Trailer identification sensor

In the transport industry, as in many other sectors, time optimization is a…

Door sensor

Plug & Play monitoring system that connects to the vehicle’s OBD socket. Obtain with the FM-Plug4 equipment complex data such as…

Driver identification button

So that you can evaluate the performance level of each individual driver, detect losses or even…

why cargotrack webapp?

Do you want to significantly increase the activity of your car fleet with an effective and successful application?

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