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GPS accessories

Auto panic button

About the auto panic button

The car panic button is a specially designed accessory to increase the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the transported goods. In case of emergency, the driver can very quickly send an emergency message to the dispatcher or any other emergency number. The message can be an SMS, e-mail or sound.

Where is the panic button mounted?

The panic button comes fitted to every vehicle in your fleet and is usually located on the dashboard close to the driver, in areas near the doors, next to the seats or any other convenient and easy-to-reach location for your driver. This is done to facilitate its access and use in case of an emergency.

Why fit a car panic button?

Having a panic button in every vehicle in your fleet will help protect your drivers against unpleasant incidents. Unpleasant situations can often occur in traffic where the driver cannot contact the dispatcher by phone to warn of a major problem.

The auto panic button can greatly shorten your reaction time. By simply pressing it, one or more designated persons can receive an e-mail or SMS and thus the problem can be reported immediately.

A car panic button can be connected to an alarm that allows people in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle to be warned about the problem that has occurred.

What benefits does the panic button bring to you?

Choose a car panic button from Cargo Track to increase fleet safety.

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Detalii tehnice

Fișă tehnică Buton de Panică

Descoperă toate beneficiile și specificațiile butonului de panică și află cum îți poți îmbunătăți semnificativ nivelul afacerii cu CargoTrack!

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