The 2022 Mobility Package

The Mobility Package 2022, a law that has become a nebula for both carriers and authorities. The restrictive measures imposed by the European Union through the Mobility Package 1 have been a threat from the very beginning, especially for small and medium-sized transport companies already affected by the previous pandemic context. The Mobility Package has thus become a subject debated for a long time by specialists in the field or lawyers, but primarily by carriers.

It all started from a series of legislative ambiguities that left room for many interpretations.

But how can carriers “survive” the new legislative requirements?

First of all knowing and respecting the rules in force.

CargoTrack has built the new functionality that will help you to be able to keep under control with a single click the “return of trucks home every eight weeks”.

Thus, you will know clearly how many days, hours, minutes are left until your truck returns home, so that you can avoid the stinging fines applied for not complying with the Mobility Package.

Your business, our priority

We at CargoTrack know how important the time you dedicate to your business is! That’s exactly why we decided to dedicate our time to perfecting this functionality, which now requires minimal effort on your part to be able to implement the Mobility Package in the easiest way possible.

Below we have prepared a short video for you, in which we explain how you can implement the new functionality by which you can control the return of the truck every eight weeks.

Do you want to know how you can purchase this service?

Do not hesitate to contact us for the 2022 Mobility Package!

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