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Pachetul Mobilitate 1

Mobility Package 2022 – solution successfully implemented in the CargoTrack application

The Mobility Package 2022, a law that has become a nebula for both carriers and authorities. The restrictive measures imposed by the European Union through the Mobility Package 1 have been a threat from the very beginning, especially for small and medium-sized transport companies already affected by the previous pandemic context. The Mobility Package has […]

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Pachetul Mobilitate 1

Mobility Package 1 – rest period

The Mobility Package 1 contains many new rules for rest periods, secondment of professional drivers, market access and social legislation. The intention of this law is to have a safer, more efficient and socially responsible road transport sector. The Mobility 1 package also removes unclear rules that have led to different legal interpretations and enforcement […]

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Pachetul Mobilitate 1

The future of Romanian transport is in danger, the European Parliament voted for the Mobility Package 1

The European Parliament approved on 09.07.2020, with a majority of votes, the formalization of discriminatory practices in European road freight transport by adopting the controversial legislative proposals of the Mobility Package 1, without taking into account the unprecedented emergency situation in which it finds itself The European Union and obviously ignoring the economic reality faced […]

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