The Mobility Package 1 contains many new rules for rest periods, secondment of professional drivers, market access and social legislation. The intention of this law is to have a safer, more efficient and socially responsible road transport sector.

The Mobility 1 package also removes unclear rules that have led to different legal interpretations and enforcement practices in each Member State, thus providing greater legal clarity across the EU.

In the following lines, we will focus on the weekly rest periods, an obligation that entered into force on August 20, 2020.

Weekly rest periods

Companies that have drivers engaged in the international transport of goods will be allowed to take two consecutive reduced weekly rest periods outside the Member State where their company is established.

However, this will be conditional on the driver taking at least four weekly rest periods over the next four weeks, two of which must be normal weekly rest periods.

Reduced rest periods must be compensated by equivalent rest periods, which must be taken without interruption before the end of the third week following the week in question.

So we can conclude that under certain conditions a driver can take two consecutive reduced weekly rest periods and compensation for the reduced weekly rest must be made in one block before the end of the third week following the week in question.

Diagram rest periods

To help you, we provide you with a scheme by which we can help you calculate your weekly rest so that you respect the new law of the Mobility Package 1 – the weekly rest.

The table admits as a correct solution on the road, a maximum of 3 weeks between 2 rest breaks of 45 hours, as long as the rest is done between 2 weeks.

Remaining 45 hours between week 1 and 2: mandatory between weeks, even 1 minute.

45 hour break between week 4 and 5: Mandatory between weeks, even 1 minute.

Between them must be all the 24-hour reduced breaks, required at an interval of 144 hours (6 days) between them. If any of these intermediate breaks are taken for 45 hours, the police may require that they are also taken outside the cabin, if they are less than 45 hours no.

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