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State aid in transport - 50 bani / liter of fuel supplied

You can benefit from state transport aid of 50 bani / liter of fuel. CargoTrack guides you how to get it!

About the state aid scheme

State aid will be granted to carriers licensed in Romania or in other European Union member states, who carry out road transport of goods on their own account, for a fee, or local public transport, including passenger transport, on a regular basis.

The amount of state aid for transporters is 50 bani per liter of fuel, but no more than 400,000 euros per enterprise, equivalent in lei.

State aid decisions for carriers will be issued by 31.12.2022, and actual payment can be made by 31 July 2023, inclusive.

In order to obtain state aid, you must meet several conditions:
  • You are licensed in Romania or in other member states of the European Union;
  • Own at least one eligible vehicle;
  • Carriers established in Romania must not appear inactive according to the provisions of the Fiscal Procedure Code or be temporarily inactive, registered in the Trade Register and not benefit from other compensation for the transport activity carried out with eligible vehicles, except for those carrying out transport local public;
  • No state aid recovery decisions have been issued against you or, if such decisions have been issued, they have been implemented according to the legal provisions in force;
  • Fuel the vehicles from the distribution stations of the economic operators or from the tanks for own consumption owned;
  • You are not in bankruptcy, foreclosure proceedings, dissolution, operational closure or liquidation;
  • You have not applied for other types of state aid for the same costs;
  • Carriers licensed in other member states of the European Union must submit a declaration on their own responsibility that they carry out road transport of goods on their own account, as well as a list of eligible vehicles used for road transport of goods for a fee, road transport of goods on their own account and hold a Community license also for the transport of persons.
Careful! Supporting documents must be kept for 10 years, otherwise a fine can be received.

Those who benefit from state aid will have to keep certain documents for 10 years, otherwise a fine of 5,000 – 10,000 lei can be received.

Documents to be kept:

  • the store sheets for each tank for own consumption held at their fueling points, the consumption receipts from each fueling of the eligible vehicles in that tank. They must have at least the following information: date of refueling, registration number of the fueled vehicle, quantity of fuel fueled expressed in liters per vehicle, number of kilometers recorded on board at the time of fueling;
  • tachograph records from the first and last day of the quarter for which the application for state aid is submitted;
  • the documents certifying the right to own the vehicles for which the right to state aid is granted;
  • sales, export, destruction documents for all vehicles whose consumption is included in the application;
  • the annexes to the fuel purchase invoices
How to submit the application for the state aid of 50 bani / liter of fuel

State aid can be requested based on an application, submitted to the Romanian Road Authority, for all vehicles owned during the quarter for which compensation is requested, starting from the first day of the quarter following the one for which state aid is requested.

The category of admitted expenses includes invoices issued 30 working days before the publication of the decision in the Official Gazette.

The Ministry of Finance, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and the Romanian Road Authority – A.R.R., through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will conclude a collaboration protocol for the transmission of information on carriers, necessary for the evaluation of the request.

IMPORTANT: File submission has a deadline of 15 days for each quarter.

The computer system will not allow submission of further applications or documents if you exceed the cut-off dates.

  • July 1 – July 15: Submission of state aid applications for the second quarter of 2022;
  • October 1 – October 15: Submission of state aid applications for the third quarter of 2022;
  • October 1 – December 1: Submission of state aid applications for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Obtaining state aid can be difficult for you if a correct procedure for drawing up and submitting the documentation is not followed.

In this sense, you can ask for the help of the CargoTrack team, which informs you, advises you and submits this file for you to the competent authorities.

How about we help you with these documents?

Don’t worry, you will receive FREE consultation every step of the way from our specialists, just to make this process as friendly as possible for you!

Because we have experts who are constantly studying the legislation and everything that is happening, we can help you get the state aid very easily.

This state aid scheme also has a limited budget, so we recommend you apply as soon as possible to get it.

Enter the distance you have to travel, the average fuel consumption of the vehicle and the price per liter of fuel in the CargoTrack fuel consumption calculator and find out the price for each trip.

Common problems

Documents required to obtain the state aid of 50 bani / liter of fuel

In order to apply for state aid, transporters submit to the scheme administrator an application for compensation of the increase in the price of fuel.

The request for state aid must be accompanied by the following documents, submitted in electronic format:

  • Diesel purchase invoices;
  • Contract with the diesel supplier;
  • Fiscal registration certificate for VAT purposes;
  • Contracts concluded with the issuer of the supply management card (MOL, SHELL, DKV, etc.);
  • Proof of the electronic disperser (for those who do not have cards);
  • Copy of the administrator’s identity card;
  • Copy of the company’s registration certificate;
  • Copy of the registration card of the motor vehicles that fueled on the territory of Romania;
  • Proof of ownership of the electronic dispenser for distribution;
  • Copy of the community license – for the road transport of PEOPLE;
  • Copy of License for international road transport of goods/people;
  • Compliant Copy for the Vehicle (small license, which is obtained for each vehicle);

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