As drivers, one of our duties is to create favorable conditions for the car to successfully complete its task. Moreover, it is what makes our movement much easier and, above all, safe.

The original second-hand parts from car disassembly ensure the operation of the car in optimal conditions, both for our safety and for the other traffic participants. It is advisable to start with the identification of the best car park in the field.

A company that has proven its reliability over time is Dezmembraru. The car dismantling park provides its customers with components that bring a wide range of advantages that are hard to overlook:

  • Competitive prices compared to new original parts. In the fleet store, the purchase prices are much more advantageous, unlike that of new car parts. And, of course, any driver who opts for the purchase of car parts from Dezmembraru, has the chance not only to obtain an exceptional price, but also parts that meet all the required quality and safety standards.
  • Quality parts, without compromises. Nobody can say about the parts in the car park that they represent a compromise in terms of safety and quality. This, because all the parts removed from the cars absolutely comply with all the requirements that are imposed in terms of quality and safety. Immediately after extracting the car part, a team of experts subject it to detailed, specific tests, so that all the components put up for sale are perfectly functional.
  • Invoice and warranty for each piece. All the parts purchased from the offer of the car dismantling park are accompanied by the invoice and warranty. In addition, ro also offers the possibility of returning the parts, the settlement term in this case being 5 working days from the receipt of the product. However, the return of parts is isolated, thanks to the professional services offered by a team dedicated to the job and ambitious in respecting the flawless delivery of “green parts”.

Leader on the car dismantling market in Moldova!

The business is based on the principles of recycling, the professional disassembly of cars and the sale of parts for reuse and reducing the level of pollution.

With over 300 cars in stock and over 50k products arranged on the shelf ready for delivery, Dezmembraru, probably the largest car dismantling park in Moldova, delivers car parts with a very high degree of quality, due to rigorous inspection and testing of the components.

The company offers its customers the best services both in terms of quality and price, investing annually in software and equipment for storing car parts in the best conditions. From car parts for new car models, to old or rare parts, the car park offers products guaranteed to work to the standards for which they were designed, at affordable prices.

The offer is generous, including disassembly car parts for almost all car brands – Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Dacia, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda – from engines and second-hand car parts for engines, gearboxes, bodywork and rims, up to interior and complete interior car parts.

The team of experts in car dismantling recycles vehicles that have had a hard fate, that have fulfilled their purpose and that can further help other cars to continue on their way, using experience and innovation to offer the best services on market.

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