In the field of transport, regardless of the type of activity carried out by your company, a car tracking device is extremely useful and is the best solution to improve your business and the results of your activity.

A car tracking device is a monitoring system that is installed on a vehicle to track its location in real time. These devices are useful for a wide range of purposes, from fleet monitoring for businesses to improving personal safety and security.

In this sense, it is important to know exactly what a car tracking device is and how it works, but also what functions it can offer you, depending on the company you choose to provide you with this service.

In this article we will introduce you to everything you need to know about a car tracking device.

What is a car tracking device?

A car tracking device is an electronic device used to track the location of a vehicle in real time. It can be installed in any type of vehicle, including personal cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles.

It brings a lot of benefits to transport companies, and depending on its type and the suppliers you choose, it can offer you additional features, such as:

  • real-time monitoring of drivers;
  • making routes in real time to avoid traffic jams;
  • the driver’s driving style;
  • generating drivers’ hours worked reports;
  • fuel level and practical prevention of tank theft;
  • real-time viewing of the vehicle’s status;
  • driving speed;
  • the driver’s driving style;
  • alert for exiting geozones;
  • vehicle maintenance administration;
  • others.

How does a car tracking device work?

Car tracking devices are GPS devices that are attached to the vehicle and can communicate with a network of GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the vehicle. These devices can also be connected to a mobile network to allow data to be transmitted to a central tracking server.

When the device is installed on the vehicle, it can start tracking the location of the vehicle in real time. The location information is transmitted to a central tracking server where the data is processed and displayed in a web or mobile interface for viewing by the vehicle owner.

A car tracking device is composed of two main components: the GPS receiver and the communication device. The GPS receiver collects the signals from the GPS satellites and determines the exact location of the vehicle. The communications device transmits this location information to a central server, which can be accessed via the Internet by the vehicle owner or a vehicle tracking company.

In addition to tracking the location of the vehicle, a car tracking device can also provide other useful information, either through services from the provider’s system or by fitting adjacent equipment such as a fuel gauge, voice communication equipment or a driver alarm button . This information can be used to improve the safety and security of the vehicle and the driver, but especially to monitor the performance of the company’s activity.

How you can purchase a car tracking device

Basically, this car tracking device gives you administrative growth and better management of your vehicles and driver activity.

CargoTrack offers you professional services and free consultation to choose the most suitable GPS tracking package according to your business needs.

Installation is free and we do it anywhere in Europe, directly at the location of your vehicles. You just have to take the first step of contacting us and wanting to considerably improve your company’s activity.

Whatever questions you have, CargoTrack specialists are at your disposal and help you choose the best vehicle tracking device for your company.

Have you decided to choose the best car tracking device? Contact us now and benefit from the most professional services!

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