In the field of transport, efficiency and quick handling of situations are significant for providing prompt and quality services. In this sense, a car fleet monitoring system can be your best help.

Control over drivers, faster management of administrative aspects and avoidance of vehicle damage will help you reduce the costs of your car fleet, avoid fines and be able to focus on other aspects, such as taking on new races.

1. Greater control over your fleet

By implementing a car fleet monitoring system, you will have access to real-time data on aspects such as vehicle location, technical condition or fuel level.

This increased control allows you to make more informed decisions and optimize your routes and maintenance schedule.

In addition, certain fleet monitoring systems give you the opportunity to monitor the behavior of drivers and their driving style. Aggressive braking, sudden acceleration and speeding are factors that can lead to car problems, fines or faster vehicle damage.

2. Reduction of operational costs

More efficient management of the car fleet can lead to a significant reduction in costs. By optimizing routes, avoiding toll roads and monitoring fuel consumption, you will be able to save money and precious resources.

In this regard, certain platforms associated with car fleet monitoring services are specially designed to make your day-to-day work easier.

With the help of a platform like eTMS, you organize races much faster, according to your preferences (reduce road costs, save fuel by avoiding traffic jams and see real-time changes on the roads), but also save a lot of time, on which you can reinvest in looking for races.

In the platform, you keep an archive of all related documents for each race, automatically generate invoices and manage each order.

3. Effective preventive maintenance

Monitoring systems can detect technical problems in their early stages, allowing you to carry out preventive maintenance before these problems become serious.

This not only reduces the cost of major repairs, but also minimizes vehicle downtime.

In addition, you can manage all periodic checks, insurance validity or other appointments such as oil changes for the vehicle.

This way, you can keep your vehicles in optimal working order and ensure that everything is working properly.

4. Fuel consumption monitoring

By tracking your fuel consumption, you’ll be able to identify patterns of inefficient use and take steps to reduce fuel-related expenses.

By installing a litrometric probe probe in the tank, you can avoid fuel theft and losses, significantly reducing related costs.

5. Remote tachograph data download

Another functionality that saves you a lot of time when you choose a car fleet monitoring service is the remote tachograph data download.

Certain GPS devices allow you to do this and make it easier to manage your drivers’ data. In addition, you know that every driver is protected in the event of an inspection and you, too, can easily manage all documents in the event of an inspection.

This functionality of a car fleet monitoring system will make your daily tasks and the efficiency of managing your drivers much easier.

Remote tachograph data download

When choosing a fleet monitoring service you need to consider the features that come with GPS equipment and which are the best options for you.

The CargoTrack fleet monitoring service provides you with over 40 modules and accessories for GPS equipment to choose from according to your business needs.

CargoTrack specialists are at your disposal to help you choose the best options for you and reach the maximum capacity of your business.

In addition, we offer free installation anywhere in Europe, so you can enjoy GPS monitoring services without additional worries.

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