In the world of transportation, it’s important to be prompt and efficient when managing your fleet. Most carriers choose to purchase a high-performance GPS fleet tracking system that allows them to manage their company as optimally as possible.

When choosing a GPS tracking service, you need to consider what your company’s needs are and what budget you want to allocate. Each GPS equipment can offer you a series of functionalities and accessories in addition to your subscription to automate your work even more.

In this article, we present some of the most important aspects in choosing a GPS fleet tracking system.

1. Effective time management

A GPS fleet tracking system allows you to choose the most suitable routes for your drivers. In this sense, you can choose faster routes, without traffic jams or roads under construction. Thus, you will be able to significantly reduce fuel consumption and you will be able to save a lot of time.

Such a GPS monitoring system facilitates the relationship between your drivers and the dispatcher, creating a much better communication that will increase the quality and speed of your services.

2. Reduction of vehicle wear and tear

By monitoring driver behavior, you can prevent aggressive driving behaviors such as sudden acceleration or excessive braking, which helps reduce vehicle wear and tear and maintenance costs.

Thus, you can fix the behavior of drivers and prevent many unwanted problems.

3. Compliance with regulations

In many countries, there are strict regulations regarding driving and rest time for drivers.

A GPS fleet tracking system can help ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid fines and legal issues.

A very useful functionality in this category is the remote tachograph data download. That is, you don’t have to wait for the driver to get back to the headquarters to check and store the data from the tachograph, you can do it while he is on the route.

4. Integration with other systems

You can integrate your GPS fleet tracking system with other fleet management or invoicing systems to automate processes and reduce administrative efforts.

Transportation management platforms will help you significantly in automating and digitizing daily tasks that waste a lot of time.

The automatic generation of invoices, the transmission of the route by SMS directly to the driver, the editing and organization of orders, the archive of documents for each trip, are just some of the functionalities of the eTMS platform that will help you significantly in the efficient and much faster management of your business.

5. Temperature and cargo monitoring

If transporting temperature-sensitive goods is an important part of your business, a GPS vehicle fleet tracking system can monitor the temperature in trailers and issue alerts if discrepancies occur.

A Bluetooth sensor is very useful when it comes to transporting perishable goods. It sends you real-time data on the temperature in the trailer and you will be able to constantly ensure the safety of the goods and compliance with the legislation.

6. Emergency assistance

A GPS vehicle fleet tracking system can be equipped with emergency assistance features, such as panic buttons or automatic notifications to the response team in the event of an accident or other emergency.

The panic button installed inside the car, the voice communication equipment with the driver or the acoustic driver alert system are accessories of the GPS equipment that will help you a lot in an extreme situation. Whether you are unable to contact the driver, there is an urgent issue or the driver is in danger, these accessories will help you intervene and significantly reduce problems.

Car fleet tracking system via GPS CargoTrack

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