To drive on public roads in Bulgaria, including the highway (see the list of toll roads on the official website of the National Tax Administration –, you need to buy a Bulgaria vignette. It is best to purchase it before entering the country.

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The vignette can be obtained 30 days before the scheduled date of travel.

You can opt for a vignette valid for 3 days, a week, a month, 3 months or a year. The price varies depending on the period of validity and the type of vehicle you travel with: smaller or larger than 3.5 tons.

In Bulgaria, unlike other countries, there is a different payment system for cars and vehicles over 3.5 tons.

From March 1, 2020, a new electronic distance tolling system – Toll System – came into operation. It is introduced on a total of 3,115 km of the Bulgarian road network including the 803 km of motorway. The system is similar to the one introduced in Hungary, i.e. you have the option to make an advance payment via a transit ticket or an electronic payment device.

What are the payment methods for the vignette in Bulgaria?

Manual payment

The vignette for Bulgaria can be purchased with any bank card at any self-tax terminal (not cash), the terminals being located in the immediate vicinity of the border crossing points and at the offices of the Regional Road Administrations (A.I.R.) – payment by credit card or cash.

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This payment method is not recommended because you can waste a lot of time at counters or waiting in endless queues.

Once paid, the vignette is valid for 24 hours and gives the right to drive on the selected road sections.

Electronic payment vignette Bulgaria

On the BGTOLL website

The process is as follows:

  • Select “electronic vignette”;
  • Select the validity period (a weekend, a week, 1, 3 months, 1 year);
  • Tick the validity period (starting with…);
  • Fill in information about the country and registration number;
  • Complete the email address to receive payment confirmation;
  • You select the type of card and pay (transaction in leva).

Bulgaria vignette payment Through the mobile application

This is a similar alternative to the BGTOLL site. The process is similar, enter the necessary information and then select the card type and pay.

Download application:

Through a GNSS device

Toll payment can be made through a device mounted on the vehicle as follows:

  • The installed device will generate the necessary data for the correct calculation of the road tax
  • The data is sent and then processed by F
  • NSCTR (National Road Toll Collection Service Providers) or by EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) providers and are forwarded to the Bulgarian authorities.
  • Finally, the service providers then guarantee the payment of the tax owed by the road user.

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If you opt for this option, it is mandatory to choose a supplier that can offer you this solution. Luckily CargoTrack can provide and install this special equipment for you so you can forget about paying tolls!

How does it work?

  1. As a first step, a contract is signed between you, CargoTrack and the Bulgarian authorities;
  2. A virtual account is created where we will record all the details of your vehicles;
  3. It is your responsibility to load the created virtual account with an amount of money to cover the transit for all vehicles based on the VAT-free invoice issued by CargoTrack;
  4. Following this process, CargoTrack will confirm by e-mail and SMS the activation of the BGToll service;
  5. After which you can start the transit without any problems, paying the tolls automatically;
  6. Also in your account you can view your paid fees and balance in real time;
  7. Why choose CargoTrack for automatic payment of road taxes in Bulgaria?

The benefits you can get from purchasing BGTOLL automatic toll payment services from CargoTrack are:

  • The possibility of preventing fines – CargoTrack constantly checks that the monitoring equipment transmits correct information in real time.
  • Saving hundreds of euros annually – by carefully monitoring vehicles and preventing fines that can reach hundreds of euros.
  • Avoiding possible delays by automatic tolling – once the GPS equipment is installed, it registers and pays road tolls automatically for you.
  • Receive real-time vehicle information – after setting up the service you have real-time access to your paid taxes and account balance.
  • Safety – vehicle data once entered remains saved and is automatically sent to the RIA (Road Infrastructure Agency BG) and thus can avoid certain data errors that can bring expensive penalties.
  • The route becomes much faster and safer for drivers;
  • The cheapest and fastest toll payment solution;

CargoTrack mobile app

CargoTrack provides drivers transiting Bulgaria and using automatic toll machines with a functionality where they can now also pay road tolls via their mobile phone using the CargoTrack app.

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The purpose of this functionality is to streamline and simplify the way to pay these road taxes because through this system drivers can pay ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Why use this system to pay Bulgaria vignette?

The road tax payment system in Bulgaria is a perfect alternative because:

  • You can pay with your phone from anywhere and anytime – you no longer need a computer or laptop;
  • It is integrated directly into the CargoTrack application, being found in the application menu;
  • You can choose different currencies in which you make this payment (euro or lei);
  • You can pay with any bank card, be it from BT, BRD, BCR, etc.;
  • You automatically receive a payment confirmation email;

Pay tolls in 4 easy steps

Download the CargoTrack mobile app and pay road taxes simply and quickly in 4 steps:

  1. Download the application (if you don’t already have it installed);
  2. Choose from the “Tolls” application menu;
  3. You choose the amount with which you want to load the account;
  4. Make the payment with any bank card;

Transit Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria with one toll only through CargoTrack services

See automatic tolling device BGTOLL

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