Good news! Now you can also pay road taxes in Bulgaria via your mobile phone with the help of the CargoTrack application. Top up your BGTOLL account now!

CargoTrack supports drivers transiting Bulgaria and using automatic toll machines with a new functionality where they can now also pay road tolls via their mobile phone using the mobile app.

The purpose of this functionality is to streamline and simplify the way to pay these road taxes, because through this system drivers can pay ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

Top up your BGTOLL account via your mobile phone too!

Why use this system?

The road tax payment system in Bulgaria is a perfect alternative because:

  • You can pay with your phone from anywhere and anytime – you no longer need a computer or laptop;
  • It is integrated directly into the CargoTrack application, being found in the application menu;
  • You can choose different currencies in which you make this payment (euro or lei);
  • You can pay with any bank card, be it from BT, BRD, BCR, etc.;
  • You automatically receive a payment confirmation email;

Pay tolls in 4 easy steps

Download the CargoTrack mobile app and pay road taxes simply and quickly in 4 steps:

  1. Download the application (if you don’t already have it installed);
  2. Choose from the “Tolls” application menu;
  3. You choose the amount with which you want to load the account;
  4. Make the payment with any bank card;

It’s that simple!

Download the CargoTrack app and enjoy all these benefits:

Încarcă contul BGTOLL și prin telefonul mobil
Încarcă contul BGTOLL și prin telefonul mobil
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