Litrometric probe truck

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of any transportation business.

However, its consumption can be reduced and optimized by using the literometric probe.

The truck fuel gauge generates savings, so it becomes an investment that returns more than its value.

The truck fuel gauge is capable of measuring the fuel in a tank of a stationary or moving vehicle.

In addition to allowing us to know the actual fuel consumption of each vehicle, truck fuel gauges detect fuel capacity and leaks. In this way it avoids extracting large amounts of fuel on each trip.

The truck odometer transmits the information to another interface, which in most cases is usually a GPS.

To improve vehicle efficiency and avoid fuel theft from the tank, install GPS enabled fuel monitoring system.

Fuel monitoring solutions are widely used by logistics and transportation companies around the world.

A fuel monitoring system will inform you of the amount of fuel left in the vehicle.

The fuel gauge is designed to help you monitor and manage your vehicles fuel efficiency.

You will also receive detailed reports on each fueling phase, such as the time and place of fueling, how many liters filled, how many liters consumed, etc.

In addition, it allows you to determine the exact volume of fuel and the change in volume, that is, adding or emptying fuel from the tank.

The main benefits of using a liter measuring probe

Real-time tracking of fuel level

The liter gauge provides a more accurate, reliable and stable fuel level even in extreme conditions. It can be used to measure the fuel level in the vehicle tank and storage tanks in real time.

Cost per kilometer reports

A fuel monitoring system generates reports to calculate fleet km driven and fuel consumption, which in turn empowers the user to simply calculate cost per km and track fleet mileage and fuel levels. performance.

Real-time alerts on feeds and leaks

Nowadays, drivers can easily manipulate their fuel bills. Thus, if it is desired to obtain information such as: volume of fuel supplied, time and filling station, then the installation of a literometric probe will reduce waste and make fuel consumption more efficient.

The following information can be obtained with GPS monitoring systems and literometric probes:

  • SMS or e-mail alerts on supply and drain;
  • Feeder and drain locations shown on map;
  • Full feed and drain reports;
  • Alerts can be set to warn you of high or low fuel levels.

Report on fuel consumption and kilometers per liter of fuel

With the detailed reports and statistics of the GPS monitoring system, the exact consumption can be calculated for each vehicle.

As a fleet manager, you can analyze weekly or monthly fuel consumption per kilometer for each vehicle and identify which are not fuel efficient.

CargoTrack litrometric probe

The CargoTrack liter probe connected to the GPS monitoring system is a solution that guarantees 99% accuracy in the case of fuel monitoring. Digital sensors measure the fuel level over the entire height of the tank, allowing to avoid blind spots. The CargoTrack solution helps track fuel level changes, and is the perfect tool to streamline fuel costs.

The benefits that come with the CargoTrack fuel monitoring solution

  • Calculation of consumption on given routes: you can find out precisely how much fuel is consumed on a given route.
  • With the help of the CargoTrack platform, you can see if there are differences in consumption on the same route performed by different drivers and you can calculate the long-term financial implications.
  • Profitability assessment: the CargoTrack solution helps you accurately determine your fuel costs in order to prepare transport offers.
  • Fuel theft: The installation of fuel gauges deters fuel theft, which results in the recovery of the investment in the device in a very short time.
  • The solution is also compatible with very large diesel, petrol or gas tanks.
  • Low fuel notifications: You are notified by email or SMS when fuel is low.
  • Feed notifications: you receive an email or sms with each feed.
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