ITM 2023 controls

The Labor Inspectorate has just published the ITM inspection calendar for 2023. This calendar covers periods and aspects similar to those of 2022, but you need to consider every detail to ensure that you will not have problems following these inspections.

Because everything needs to be taken into account in advance and because it is important to get information from reliable sources, we present now everything you need to know about ITM controls for carriers in the year 2023.

What quarter do carriers’ ITM checks cover?

This year, the quarter dedicated to ITM controls for carriers is scheduled in the calendar for the period April-June 2023.

This quarter is dedicated to controls in the field of internal road transport of goods and passengers. It represents the second quarter of ITM controls and will cover several main aspects that we will list for you later.

The advantage of this period is that you will have time in the first quarter of the year to prepare and put everything you need in order.

What exactly does ITM check in these checks?

A very important part is what ITM will check in these controls from 2023. Thus, the controls will target the following aspects:

  • compliance with legislation in the field of labor relations;
  • if the working time and the rest time for drivers are in accordance with the provisions in force;
  • compliance with the provisions of the mobility package;
  • compliance with legislation and European directives regarding the posting of workers in the provision of transnational services;
  • employers’ and workers’ compliance with the minimum occupational health and safety requirements;
  • compliance with the minimum requirements aimed at improving the safety and health protection of workers by employers engaged in the production, storage and marketing of motor fuels.

These campaigns can also be interspersed with other quarters, but you have to keep in mind that the transport sector is targeted especially during the period April-June 2023, so you will be able to have everything ready from the beginning of the year.

What is the purpose of this ITM control campaign for carriers 2023?

The purpose of carrying out these controls by ITM clearly points out the objective of checking how the legislative regulations are respected, and both employers and employees are aware of the need for these elements.

  • Increasing the level of awareness of employers and employees regarding the need to comply with legal provisions in the field of labor relations;
  • Reducing the negative social and economic consequences that derive from non-compliance by employers operating in the field of road transport, with regard to the legal provisions of work and rest time;
  • Elimination of all non-conformities found, by ordering mandatory measures to enter into legality and applying the appropriate contraventional sanctions.

How do you make sure you have everything right?

If you are not sure that you have everything ready, you can call us with confidence.

CargoTrack offers you financial-judicial services and takes care of everything you need so that regardless of the time of the ITM control, you have everything ready. We offer advice on obtaining the necessary documents, drawing up the A1 form, IMI declarations, but also solutions for other important aspects.

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