In the field of transport, legislative changes, the realization of transports and the management of drivers can bring significant problems for car fleet managers. In this sense, it is important to know what advantages choosing a GPS fleet monitoring service in 2024 will bring you.

By choosing a company that provides GPS monitoring, you can benefit from a more stable control over the activity of the drivers, over the time of the transport and more than that, you avoid the theft of vehicles, goods, fuel or time theft.

In this article we will present you the main 5 advantages that the GPS fleet monitoring service 2024 brings you.

1. Access to information in real time

A considerable aspect brought by a GPS fleet monitoring service is the option to view in real time the position and condition of the vehicles, the driving speed, the driving style of the driver, the maintenance status of the vehicle or the route made and any deviations from route.

In this sense, the information provided by the GPS car fleet monitoring service package that can be viewed in real time helps you to increase the efficiency of your business and your activity.

2. Increasing productivity

An advantage in choosing the car fleet monitoring service via GPS is the fact that it ensures an increase in the productivity of your company and helps you raise the level of your activity and administrative management.

In this sense, you can schedule transports more efficiently and generate easier routes for drivers, with the aim of avoiding time lost in traffic jams or unplanned route derailments.

3. Managing drivers

The car fleet monitoring service via GPS will help you manage your drivers much better and more efficiently. By tracking the location and route of the vehicles, you will always be able to check whether the drivers respect the working hours and complete their tasks on time.

Also, by monitoring speed and driving style, you can identify drivers who don’t follow traffic rules or who drive aggressively.

This monitoring can also help reduce the risk of accidents. Thus, you will be able to identify drivers who drive dangerously and you can intervene to avoid accidents.

Moreover, an important aspect is that you have the possibility to download the working hours reports and other essential information.

4. Avoiding theft

With the help of car fleet monitoring via GPS you can start to protect your vehicles against theft. By tracking the location of vehicles, you have access at any time to check if they are in a safe place and you can immediately identify any suspicious movement.

Also, by monitoring the speed and driving style, you will easily identify drivers who do not respect the traffic rules or who drive aggressively.

5. Cost reduction

You will be able to easily reduce your costs with the help of GPS fleet monitoring, by:

  • Observing the driver’s driving style;
  • Maintenance alarms;
  • Fuel level tracking;
  • Track the routes made by the driver;
  • Restoring routes in real time according to traffic jams;
  • Mileage monitoring;

Thus, you have access to very important information that will significantly reduce the costs of maintenance and materials used. It is important to consider these aspects in order to be able to reduce expenses and invest the money in the growth of the business.

CargoTrack solution for GPS fleet monitoring service

CargoTrack offers you professional services regarding GPS fleet monitoring and free consultation from specialists in the field. In this sense, CargoTrack consultants offer you support in choosing the right benefits package for your business.

What’s more, our team travels for FREE to your vehicle’s location for installation, throughout Europe. Thus, you get rid of the expenses related to installation services.

Have you decided to choose GPS fleet monitoring? Contact us now!

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Biographical information to be shown publicly on several places on your site.

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