Fuel consumption is one of the most expensive factors when we refer to a transport company. Reducing it can be much easier than you expect: by installing a car GPS tracking system.

Reducing fuel consumption can bring you significant improvements in the company’s budget and in the long-term efficiency of the transports carried out.

In this article we will present you the 5 most important ways in which you can reduce fuel consumption with the help of a car GPS tracking system.

If you ever need additional information or help choosing the best car GPS tracking system, contact the CargoTrack experts!

1. You monitor and optimize routes

A very big advantage of using a car GPS tracking system is the continuous access to the real-time location of the vehicle and the routes that the driver takes.

With non-stop access to this information, you can update drivers’ routes, choosing the most optimal routes. You can choose to redirect the driver to routes without congestion, faster or routes without toll roads.

In this way, you reduce route deviations and choose the most efficient route to make the transport in the set time and with much less fuel consumption.

With a car GPS tracking system according to your company’s needs, you will bring many benefits to your business budget.

2. Avoid delays and unplanned stops

By continuously monitoring each vehicle on the route, you will be able to see at any time if the chosen route is not the most efficient.

At the same time, you will have control over route deviations or unplanned and frequent stops made by the driver.

In this way, you also save fuel, but above all time.

It is important to be able to control the routes chosen by the driver and their deviations in order to provide prompt and professional service to your customers.

3. You monitor the driving style

Another important functionality of a car GPS tracking system is the ability to monitor the driver’s driving style.

Driving speed, sudden braking and acceleration or aggressive driving are factors that significantly increase fuel consumption and damage the vehicle much faster.

Moreover, an aggressive and dangerous driving style of a driver will bring you fines and a much higher chance of an accident, where the lives of road users are put at risk, as well as loss of transported goods.

4. Check the fuel level in the tank

Each car GPS location system comes with several accessories or modules that can be chosen adjacent to the GPS equipment.

The litrometric probe, installed within the tank, gives you total control over the fuel level at all times.

You have real-time access to the fuel level in the tank and are alerted when there is a sudden drop in fuel.

In this way, you will know much more precisely to be able to approximate your transport costs and avoid large fuel losses. This will significantly reduce your expenses with a minimal investment.

5. Avoid fuel theft

Whether there is fuel theft or unauthorized use of the vehicle, you will have clear fuel consumption reports with the fuel gauge and reduce fuel theft.

This will bring you major benefits and help you have greater control over vehicle usage and fuel consumption to reduce your costs.

Sistem localizare GPS auto de la CargoTrack

CargoTrack GPS equipment is professional and gives you access to over 40 modules and accessories that you can choose from for full control of your fleet.

The CargoTrack Literometric Probe is an accessory often installed by our partners together with the CargoTrack GPS equipment. This will allow you to stop fuel theft and have much more control over fuel consumption.

Our experts offer you free consultation for choosing the most suitable car GPS location system, together with the accessories and modules related to your company’s needs.

In addition, we offer free installation anywhere in Europe.

Contact us now to find out more details!

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