A driver who has an aggressive driving style can be a real danger to the safety of other road users, but not only that. If he is driving a vehicle carrying people or a company car, the possible risks are just as great.

Aggressive driving – definition, law and penalties

Due to the fact that in Romania aggressive driving is encountered quite often, in the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002 regarding traffic on public roads, additions and changes were recently added that target drivers with such a driving style.

Thus, aggressive behavior in traffic can be defined in general terms as: successively changing traffic lanes, alternating from left to right in order to overtake, starting from a standstill with excessive idling wheels, using light and sound signals in a way repeatedly, driving too close to other road users and many others.

If a driver drives a vehicle aggressively, he can be fined from 580 lei to 725 lei and have his license suspended for a period of 30 days.

In addition to all this, an aggressive driving style endangers those around, as well as those in the car. It is not only about the other cars participating in the traffic, but also about pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists.

It is very important that drivers behave as controlled and relaxed as possible, regardless of the situations in which they are put, because the lives of others depend on them. In addition, this aggressiveness will also directly affect the car. Signs of wear and tear can occur, and the cost of repairs is never friendly.

Aggressive driving – negative effects and solutions

Aggressive driving style has a lot of disadvantages and negative effects, both for the safety of all road users and for the car itself. Such behavior affects the car in every way. For example, you will have high fuel consumption, the car will wear out very quickly, which leads to premature replacement of consumables and not only that, drivers can receive expensive fines and suspension of the exercise of the right to drive.

In addition to all this, the aggressive driving of a driver also affects businesses. Any company that has its own fleet, regardless of whether it is the activity of transporting people, renting cars or transporting goods, the company can lose in this case. Therefore, if you are a manager of a transport fleet, especially in industries it is very important to know the traffic behavior of your drivers. For this, one solution is to turn to a standard GPS monitoring package, to control the activity of your vehicles with greater precision.

If you need a complex and yet configurable package, you can opt for a premium package. Such software allows you to analyze in detail driving time, fuel – all this quickly leads to increased profit.

Also, if you own a passenger transport fleet, you need to ensure that the driver behaves appropriately while driving. The safety of the transported persons is directly influenced by the driving style. Thus, with a GPS passenger transport monitoring software, you can analyze in detail fuel consumption, premature wear of vehicles, punctuality, routes or deviations from the route and much more.

Thus, the driving style of the drivers, who and when uses the car and many other information can be easily accessed from the phone or computer. The major benefits are that these solutions can be used by both large and smaller fleets and are easily adaptable for different types of vehicles.

So choose a GPS monitoring system from CargoTrack, don’t miss the opportunity to have a well-organized bussiness from all points of view and provide safety to your customers and business, having drivers with appropriate behavior in traffic.

Aggressive driving
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