In the world of transportation, technology has come to play an important role in optimizing your operations. A car GPS tracking system is the choice of all carriers to increase the quality of services.

Especially when it comes to managing your vehicle fleets, implementing GPS car tracking systems brings a number of significant advantages.

This technology not only allows you to track your vehicles in real time, but also offers a number of functionalities that can optimize the way you run your business.

In this article we present to you 5 of the most important advantages offered by GPS car tracking, through which you will be able to significantly improve your business management.

1. Optimization of Transport Routes

Choosing a GPS car tracking system will help you optimize your transport routes and choose the best route alternatives to reduce fuel consumption and save significant time.

Some GPS car tracking systems give you the ability to choose the most suitable routes for your drivers to avoid traffic jams, reduce fuel consumption, avoid toll roads and fulfill all orders on time.

2. Reducing vehicle maintenance costs

Every penny saved counts in running your transportation business.

A GPS car tracking system gives you the opportunity to monitor the behavior of drivers, in order to be able to manage expenses and vehicle maintenance more efficiently.

An aggressive driving style with sudden braking or acceleration will wear out your vehicles much faster, which will significantly increase your budget. Monitoring these aspects will help you significantly reduce costs.

3. Preventive vehicle maintenance

For the most prompt management of vehicle maintenance, you must take into account the fact that certain GPS car tracking systems allow you to schedule all the necessary maintenance services for each of your vehicles.

Whether it’s ITP, oil change or insurance renewal, the system sends you notifications and helps you organize the maintenance as best as possible for each vehicle.

In this way, you avoid unpleasant problems and ensure that your vehicles are in good working order.

4. Temperature monitoring for refrigerated transports

Transport of perishable products is a branch of transport that operates according to some clear rules. The temperature maintained in the refrigerated trailers is essential to be able to make the race without any problem.

A GPS car tracking system can give you the functionality to monitor the temperature in your trailers, with the help of a high performance sensor like the one from CargoTrack.

Thus, you ensure that you are in compliance with all regulations and provide a safe and professional transport.

5. Improved customer service

Nothing can replace the satisfaction of satisfied customers.

With a GPS car tracking system, you can provide accurate information on the status of deliveries or services.

There are platforms that can help you improve communication with customers, automatically generate invoices, keep all documents for each trip in the electronic archive, send the chosen trip to the driver via SMS, all in a platform like eTMS from CargoTrack.

Car GPS tracking system from CargoTrack

We offer you a complete and professional GPS car tracking system, so that you can manage your entire business to the maximum.

Together with the GPS equipment, we provide you with over 40 modules and accessories, through which you can manage your drivers, invoices, routes, the temperature in the trailers, the established geozones or the border situations in which you have to intervene.

We provide you with free installation, anywhere in Europe, to get rid of worries and additional costs.

In addition, CargoTrack experts are at your disposal for support in any situation you encounter.

Contact us now and find out all the details about CargoTrack GPS equipment!

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Lorena Rus

Biographical information to be shown publicly on several places on your site.

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