Every industry faces its own challenges, and car rental is no exception. In this field there are many risks involved. That’s why fleet managers have to take some precautions to reduce the risks that may arise in the performance of their activity.

Nowadays, the security of the technology used is essential. Whether it is a physical or digital threat, technology must be fully protected to prevent any threats.

Car fleet management is often quite complicated. To carry out your activity as safely as possible and to always know what is happening with the rented cars, you need a system that provides you with all the information related to the location and the way the cars are used.

The main problems faced by a Car Rental & Leasing company

In case you are wondering what are the most common problems of a car rental or leasing company, following our analysis we found the following:

  • Vehicles often end up damaged or damaged;
  • The machines are used improperly by customers (they are very worn);
  • Customers drive miles in addition to those contractually agreed;
  • Customers often have unauthorized exits from the country or the space predefined by the rental company;
  • You cannot check the position of the car in real time.

Did you know that…

  1. One out of eight cars rented in Romania “manage” to return slightly damaged, compared to other European countries.
  2. For about 100 cars rented in Romania, about 10 cars are stolen on average every year.
  3. 9/10 cars equipped with a GPS tracking device are recovered.

Advantages of GPS Monitoring in Leasing & Car Rental

Many of the problems that Leasing & Car Rental companies encounter can be easily prevented with GPS monitoring equipment that provides:

  1. Knowing the position of the vehicle at all times, the ability to see in real time where the rented vehicle is via the Mobile or Desktop application.
  2. Creating Geozones for each individual vehicle is a very effective solution for a car rental company. You can, for example, create a Geozone with the territory of Romania, and if it is exceeded, you will be alerted instantly;
  3. The behavior of drivers behind the wheel is an aspect that has a strong impact on the health and premature wear of vehicles. By monitoring it, drivers abusing the vehicles in your fleet can be viewed. Careful monitoring of acceleration and excessive braking prevents vehicle abuse.
  4. Remote vehicle immobilization is ideal in case of possible theft, breach of contract or unauthorized use;
  5. Check extra kilometers done, if you have a limited number of km talk to the customer;
  6. Fleet document management – all car documents can be entered into the system and monitored, for example: CASCO, vignettes for different countries (including Romania), insurance, ITP, etc.;
  7. Maintenance work notifications based on actual vehicle mileage. Service intervals can be set in the application, so you will be automatically notified every time it is necessary to: do the annual inspection, change tires or change brake pads / discs.
  8. Collecting GPS data that can be used to prove to customers the validity of fines for speeding or other traffic violations.

What does CargoTrack GPS monitoring equipment provide you with?

To reduce the risks that are encountered in this industry, we have created a solution to help manage Leasing & Car Rental companies more efficiently.

The solution provides, through GPS monitoring equipment and the CargoTrack application, information that can prevent numerous problems:

Live data – view live location, car parking monitoring, fuel level, battery level, historical data with routes;

Alerts and notifications – receive alerts for vehicle maintenance (eg low oil), safety (seatbelt status, overspeeding) and other events;

Car maintenance – schedule car maintenance based on data received from CANbus, TPMS and other systems;

Driver behavior monitoring – monitor vehicle driving behavior such as car abuse eg hard braking, sudden acceleration;

Lock and unlock – prevent unauthorized vehicle theft by remotely locking the ignition;

Possibility of monitoring entry/exit from the country.

In addition to all this information provided, we offer you 7 more reasons to choose the CargoTrack solution for Leasing & Car Rental: 

  • 100% warranty for GPS equipment;
  • FREE installation anywhere in Romania or Europe;
  • 24/24 support team;
  • Dedicated Account Manager for your account;
  • More than 4000 customers who have chosen our systems;
  • You have access to more than 10 functions dedicated to the Car Rent & Leasing industry;
  • You have more than 20 reports customized according to your needs;
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