It is important that when you choose a GPS monitoring service and a car tracking device that you consider all the benefits that it can offer you to increase the quality of your company.

In this regard, you need to effectively inform yourself of potential GPS monitoring service providers and choose the most suitable car tracking device for your car fleet.

Today we present to you 7 of the most profitable benefits to look for in a GPS monitoring company.

1. Lack of contractual periods

A very important benefit is the lack of limitation in terms of contractual periods.

We are all aware of the constant flow of drivers and vehicle changes as needed. In this sense, the absence of a contractual period means complete freedom in managing the investment of your own company’s money and the opportunity to opt out of GPS location services at any time, if the situation requires it.

It is important to have freedom from the supplier, so that you can effectively manage your money and administrative aspects.

2. Technical support included

Another considerably important aspect is the technical support for a car tracking device. Bonus, free technical support is even more beneficial.

Inevitably, many problems arise that are difficult to handle on your own, and it is important to have expert support at all times.

CargoTrack consultants understand this very well and offer prompt help to customers regardless of the severity of the problem, free of charge.

Pay attention to this aspect and you will certainly save yourself a lot of trouble.

3. Customer DEMO account

Testing the service for which you are going to invest in the long term is important to understand so that you can make it accessible for your own management.

In this regard, the free trial period of the app is important and provides benefits in fully understanding the service even before paying for it.

In the case of CargoTrack, you can try the DEMO account for free for 30 days, with all the support you need to convince yourself of our services and what a car tracking device means.

4. Maintenance included in the package

As problems can arise at any step with a car tracking device, having free maintenance from the service provider will reduce your expenses and stress a lot.

Maintenance is important so that you can effectively manage the continuous functionality of the services you pay for, always check the maintenance that the provider offers!

5. Direct mounting on vehicles

It is important that the GPS tracking company travels to your vehicles location free of charge to install a car tracking device. In this sense, you will avoid high additional costs and you will be able to choose any company regardless of its location in Romania.

CargoTrack offers free installation throughout Europe, so you have peace of mind when it comes to installing a car tracking device.

6. Payment of services in relation to their quality

Another benefit of a car tracking device is that the term of payments is clearly established and you can benefit from some flexibility.

In the case of CargoTrack, we offer a 15-day payment term for services, so you can manage your invoices efficiently.

7. Other extra benefits

In addition to the GPS monitoring system itself, which includes a car tracking device and a pre-set list of benefits, you need to pay attention to the extra benefits that the customer can choose in the package.

In this regard, CargoTrack offers AUTOMATIC road tax payment through GPS monitoring service, report download and consumption record of monitored cars.

It is important to inform yourself about these details and choose the most optimal solutions for your company.

CargoTrack solution for a GPS tracking device

CargoTrack offers you all these benefits listed above for your car fleet to grow from an administrative and qualitative point of view.

CargoTrack services can be customized according to the needs of each customer, so you can choose the best option for you.

Contact us now and start working professionally!

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Lorena Rus

Biographical information to be shown publicly on several places on your site.

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