In managing a car fleet, it is essential to be able to have control over the activity of your vehicles and how they are used. With the help of an effective GPS truck tracking, you can increase the activity of your business and enjoy commensurate results.

What’s more, you can increase your control over how your drivers work, as well as their driving style.

There are several important aspects to take into account when choosing a GPS truck tracking, and in this article we will present you 5 of the most important such benefits.

1. Real-time monitoring of vehicle activity

Purchasing a truck tracking GPS gives you the opportunity to monitor trucks in real time.

This allows dispatchers and fleet managers to see the exact position of each truck at all times, giving them better control over operations and the ability to quickly respond to unforeseen or emergency situations.

Thus, detour routes can be found in real time (in case of traffic jams or accidents) and in this way you can save time and money, but also complete the transport within the established terms.

2. You monitor fuel consumption and reduce costs

A GPS truck tracker can record data on each truck’s fuel consumption and generate related reports.

This information directly helps to identify inefficient driving styles of drivers and implicitly, you can bring them to your attention to reduce wear and tear and additional costs (such as those of unplanned maintenance or even speeding fines).

3. Plan maintenance and repairs

Some applications developed for a GPS truck tracking allow you to set directly in the software all the data you need to effectively manage your vehicle maintenance.

Oil changes, periodic checks, ITPs, insurance and so on can all be set directly in the app, so you can be sure you have all the technical aspects right.

Thus, you will avoid certain technical problems and prevent premature wear of your vehicles.

4. You can benefit from additional services

A very important aspect when choosing a truck tracking GPS is related to the additional services it can offer you, incorporated into the same system.

As part of CargoTrack GPS equipment, a service that can come with a truck tracking GPS is the automatic payment of road taxes for Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.

In such a situation, you will save time and money, because you will have more needs checked for the activity of the vehicles and you will be more efficient.

5. Online access to data 24/7

When choosing a GPS truck tracking, it is important to know what monitoring application it offers.

In the case of CargoTrack, the application was specially developed for the convenience of our partners.

In this sense, you have continuous access to the application and can view the data of your vehicles at any time.

The CargoTrack solution for a GPS truck tracking

It is important to have support in choosing a GPS truck tracking, to make the best choice that will benefit you in the long term.

Our team is at your disposal with free consultation to help you choose the best options for your business, according to your own needs and requirements.

In addition, we offer FREE installation in any location in Romania and Europe, thus eliminating additional costs.

We also provide you with GPS equipment of the highest standards and services WITHOUT contract periods. In this way, you can effectively manage any problems that arise and you can opt out of a CargoTrack service at any time.

Do you want to purchase a GPS truck tracking? Want to learn more about these services?

Contact us now and talk to a CargoTrack consultant!

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