Choosing and installing a GPS car tracking system is a very important process. This essential factor of your company will make the difference with prompt and quality services in the transport market.

We know how difficult it is to find out about the most suitable GPS car tracking system for your company’s needs.

In this article we will show you 5 important benefits of installing a car GPS for the cars in your fleet.

Don’t forget, if you need help in the process of choosing the most suitable GPS equipment for car tracking, CargoTrack experts are at your disposal. Contact us here!

1. Effectively optimize drivers’ driving routes

With a GPS device for car tracking, you have access to the route taken by the driver and you can always choose the best route for him. In this way, you can choose the less crowded, traffic-free or faster routes, in such a way as to reduce costs and customer waiting time.

Choosing the right route for the driver based on real-time road conditions is a very important aspect for significantly improving services.

2. You improve the management of your car fleet

By monitoring your vehicles and routes in real time, you have much more control over the efficiency of your fleet.

You have real-time access to your vehicle’s location and can monitor your driver’s driving style to prevent car damage, fines or accidents.

With the right GPS car tracking equipment, you will have noticeable results in the long term.

3. Analyze GPS data reports for car tracking

An effective GPS car tracking device will give you comprehensive reports on various data of your vehicle or driver, such as:

  • Roadmap;
  • Ratio of hours worked day/night;
  • Activity report by country;
  • Custom reports;
  • Fuel level reports;
  • Summary reports;
  • Driver behavior analysis;
  • Tachograph data.

Along with other car-mounted accessories, a CargoTrack car GPS device gives you access to 40 different modules to choose the best options for your business.

4. You can lower your insurance costs

In the case of certain insurance companies, you can benefit from a lower cost of the purchased insurance if you install a GPS device for car location on the vehicle.

This depends from one country to another and from one insurance company to another, but with relevant information you will be able to lower your costs.

5. With additional equipment, you get extra benefits

With a GPS equipment for car location adaptable to your needs, you can choose from several accessories and equipment to use the chosen GPS system to its maximum capacity in relation to the needs of your car fleet.

In this sense, at CargoTrack you can opt for several accessories and modules according to your requirements.

From temperature sensors, control panel, litrometric probe or acoustic driver alert system, you have a variety of options to optimize your work as much as possible.

It’s important to do your research early when choosing a GPS tracking system, as there are many options on the market, and choosing the most suitable GPS car tracking equipment is vital to the success of your business.

CargoTrack GPS equipment offers you performance and professionalism, and the benefits package we include is meant to help you and improve your experience as much as possible.

We offer you:

  • Free consultation;
  • Free installation anywhere in Europe, directly at the location of your vehicle, without any cost;
  • Daily technical support;
  • Over 10 years of experience and professionalism.

Whatever concerns you have, we help you step by step to choose the right car GPS equipment for your business.

Contact us now to find out complete information and choose your desired GPS equipment!

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