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GPS monitoring for vehicles - motor vehicles

Lack of an overview of how effectively a fleet is operating can be a hindrance to your business. CargoTrack has the solution!

Monitorizare GPS pentru vehicule - autovehicule

GPS tracking for vehicles - motor vehicles

The solutions offered by CargoTrack Basic enable the monitoring of vehicles in real time and the analysis of all important parameters of the vehicle, with the aim of increasing productivity.

The Basic monitoring solution was specially designed both for companies with large fleets and for those with fewer vehicles. It can be implemented on trucks, vans, cars, agricultural and construction machinery, buses, etc.

The parameters recorded in the CargoTrack Basic package are analyzed and made available to you in the form of specific reports.

Reports generated by the CargoTrack platform can be stored, thus creating a fleet history. History can be an important tool in the process of optimization and increasing productivity.

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Frequently encountered problems

Want to know exactly where your cars are?

Don’t want GPS tracking but need road maps?

Benefits obtained

Increase productivity by up to 35%
Reduce fuel costs
Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
You reduce the risk of receiving fines in any situation
You improve the driving style of drivers
Generate roadmaps for the desired periods

Other compatible modules:

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