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Driver alert

Install a sound alert system in the vehicle cabin, to be able to contact the driver in any situation!

Buton de panică / alarmă - Alertă șofer

Driver alert

One of the additional services offered by CargoTrack is to alert your drivers when different emergency situations occur. By fitting a sound alert system in the cabin, you can send sound signals to your driver when he does not respond to other methods of communication.

It can be used for several types of acoustic warnings:

Driver wake-up: The system can be manually activated by the dispatcher directly from the monitoring app or via sms in case the driver does not answer the phone. Thanks to the loud sound, it can also be heard from outside the passenger compartment, which makes it a perfect means of warning for emergency situations.

Speed limit warning: The system automatically activates when the preset speed limit is exceeded and deactivates when it falls below the limit.

Long engine idling: The system automatically activates when idling with the engine running for a preset period of time and deactivates when the engine is turned off.

Driving style: The system automatically activates in case of inappropriate driving style (excessive revs, sudden braking, sudden acceleration, sudden turns). It can be an excellent means of preventing falling asleep at the wheel.

Unauthorized engine start: The system will start if the driver has not authenticated before starting the engine (only works in conjunction with the driver identification button).

Leaving or entering a certain pre-defined area: The system will automatically activate when entering or leaving a pre-defined area.

Common problems

Can’t get in touch with your driver?

You know he’s near the car but can’t hear his phone?

Benefits obtained

Prevention of dangerous situations
Remote control of the driver's actions

Other compatible modules:

Discover other modules compatible with the driver alert system and maximize the efficiency of your car fleet!


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