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Temperature monitoring in cargo compartment

Choose the temperature monitoring system in the cargo compartment and be permanently in control of the temperature in the refrigerated containers!

Temperature monitoring in the cargo compartment

You can’t always control the circumstances, but you can be equipped to fix any problem before it happens. Transporting perishable goods is an exact science.

The temperature monitoring sensor offered by CargoTrack has a very high accuracy, the deviation being a maximum of 0.5 degrees Celsius, and the solutions developed and adapted by us allow the monitoring of temperatures in refrigerated containers, trailers or semi-trailers.

By using the CargoTrack monitoring and control platform and the FM-Tco4 system, you are permanently connected to the ThermoKing, Optitemp and Carrier refrigeration systems.

If any error is detected in the refrigeration system, you are automatically informed, thus being able to make real-time decisions regarding the preservation of the goods.

Choose CargoTrack for temperature monitoring in the cargo compartment.

Frequently encountered problems

Are you active in the transport of perishable goods?

Do you want information about temperature variations in the cargo space in real time?

Benefits obtained

Control of the transport conditions of perishable goods
Compliance with the strict safety rules specific to this field of activity
Shortening reaction time

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Choose cargotrack

Want to improve your business efficiency with CargoTrack GPS tracking services?

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