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HR Management Application - TahoTrack

Increase business functionality by digitizing administrative and human resources processes! Be the best with CargoTrack solutions!

Aplicație management HR - TahoTrack


Digitization of administrative processes increases the speed and functionality of a business.

Reduce the amount of time dedicated to administrative tasks and focus on optimization and innovation!

With TachoTrack you are constantly aware of your drivers’ driving / rest times and weekly breaks. Also to fully satisfy your needs, we offer you the possibility to download the data from the tachograph remotely.

To facilitate the ease of use of the application we have ensured that all information is displayed in an interactive and easy to follow manner. At the same time, regardless of the location of the vehicle, downloading can be done simply and easily from anywhere and anytime for both the digital tachograph and the driver’s card.

Why use the TahoTrack app?

You’re in compliance with the law – TachoTrack gives you the ability to make sure you’re not breaking any laws when it comes to downloading tachograph data. Now you can monitor the driving and rest times of your drivers and at the same time make sure that they are also complying with the law.

Increased safety and security – now you can track the risk level of each driver based on the behavior history recorded by the app. This aspect gives you back control so you can make timely changes so you can avoid penalties and improve the safety of your drivers.

Mobile app – with the app you have a control panel with the most important information displayed in an interactive and easy-to-follow way. Also through it you have available graphics created based on the activity of the drivers.

Driver profile – with the help of the TahoTrack application you can create driver profiles where you can analyze their behavior in terms of road safety and compliance with the law. The application also gives you the opportunity to compare different drivers and create rankings.

Archive – in order to offer you a package as completely adapted to your needs as possible, the TachTrack app offers you a secure space for archiving, storing and managing the digital data downloaded from the tachograph. Do not worry! You have access to the data downloaded and archived from the tachograph from anywhere and anytime, the only condition is to have a phone or laptop with you.

Reports for salary calculation – through TachoTrack you have access to all the information on the basis of which you can calculate driver salaries quickly and easily, saving a lot of time.

Driver per diem monitoring – calculating per diems is much simpler when you know exactly how long your driver has driven in each country, how long they have driven per day/night or the total number of kilometers driven. You can find all this information in a single report, in the TachoTrack application.

Analysis of the remaining working times – in the organization of a transport company one of the most important information is the constant knowledge of the remaining driving times. By accurately knowing this data, dispatchers can quickly and accurately estimate each driver’s loading or unloading times.

API – integration with any kind of platform that requires information obtained from the tachograph or driver card is very easy through the several APIs made available through TahoTrack.


  • Working hours/driver
  • Working hours/driver – per week
  • Working hours for all drivers in the fleet – per month
  • Drivers card download status
  • Tachograph data download status
  • Number of kilometers traveled / vehicle
  • Risk level on each driver
  • Daily drivers

Frequently encountered problems

Forgot your tachograph download deadline?

Are you wasting a lot of time calculating each driver’s salary based on driving time?

Don’t know where you stored the data downloaded from the tachograph?

Benefits obtained

Real-time control of the activities carried out
Display drive/rest times interactively and easy to follow
Real-time information on remaining driving time
Calculating driver wages based on driving and rest times
Warning for violation of international road safety rules
Showing reduced breaks and extra driving for each work week
Statutory tachograph downloads can be carried out automatically
Eliminating the risks of a fine as a result of exceeding the download deadline
Cost optimization by eliminating periodic travel for unloading
Safe storage of downloaded data
No additional costs generated by mobile data traffic

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