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GPS accessories

EcoDrive control panel

About the Eco-Drive control panel

This EcoDrive dashboard is designed for real-time monitoring of the driver’s driving style. It can help you reduce your vehicle maintenance costs, taxes, accident rates and fuel consumption by up to 20%.

What is the Eco-Drive control panel?

The Eco-Drive panel is a device designed to monitor drivers’ driving style in real time. It informs the driver by means of light and sound indicators when his driving style causes fuel wastage or produces an increased degree of wear and tear on the vehicle. Information on driving style is automatically transmitted in real time to the monitoring and control system that analyzes driver behavior and allows their performance to be evaluated.

The information you can benefit from with the help of this EcoDrive control panel:

What benefits can this EcoDrive control panel bring you?

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Detalii echipament

Fișă tehnică Panou de control EcoDrive

Descoperă toate specificațiile tehnice ale panoului de control EcoDrive și alege cele mai bune opțiuni pentru nevoile afacerii tale.

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